Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The sin of simony - alive and well and living in *Ramsgate

Simony is one of those words that seldom makes an appearance in a conversation these days.
I guess it was used quite a lot in the time of Martin Luther as, of course, the selling of indulgences, was a good example of simony.

It applies not just to holy words or acts leading to indulgences but also to sacred objects, blessed rosaries, chalices, reliquaries, monstrances and the like.

But then, who in their right minds would wish to sell a monstrance?

It's laughable. How would you sell one?

On Ebay?.............nope.....in the small ads...nope again.....

Oh.....surely not by public auction?

'Fraid so....Fr Ray Blake has the story covered.

Impious is the word he uses.....good word that.

NB The good monks have now moved to *Chilworth, but Ramsgate sounds better!


  1. Simony? More like sacrilege, I think.

  2. There were two parishes in Ramsgate. I was PP of one, A now deceasedFather Patrick Whelan OSB ( no relation!) was PP of the other. If we were both in company and if I had occasion to introduce either of us I would say " This is Father Patrick Whelan PP of the Benedictine Parish. I am PP of the CATHOLIC parish!"

    Once when I was on holiday Fr. P came and removed from the store room of parish (Catholic!) two Pugin candelabra.....saying they properly belonged to the Abbey! I could tell more..but......

  3. EFPE - yes, I went off the Benedictines when I was told that, at Downside, they insist on Dover Sole on Good Friday!
    Reminsicent of 'Cracks in the Cloisters'

  4. Or "further cracks in fabulous cloisters"!

  5. Richard. Time to set your timer ?

  6. Ooops! I think I am on 'Pembrokeshire time' Father.
    Am struggling with Blogger to adjust right now, many thanks.

  7. No. No. Richard. Pembrokeshire is never behind the times! :-)