Saturday, 21 January 2012

Communion on the tongue!

If you wish to see reverence and respect for the Body of Christ restored once more, please sign this petition originated by two Australian priests.

Countercultural Father has the link..................HERE


  1. Thanks for the plug, as ever, Richard.

  2. Richard,
    Thanks for the information about the above Petition, which I have signed! Also I have put a link on: TJS to rally the troops etc!

    God Bless,


    1. I am not replying to Ye old jarra scribe, but this is the only way I can comment.

      I know I argue with you Richard, a lot. But. I agree. Receiving Our Lord is becoming more and more important to me recently. I believe this is the work of Our Lady, as I allow it. when I say I am not worthy, I am not being 'ever so 'umble' I truly, do not know, why God would grace me with the closeness of His Mother and St Joseph, yet I sometimes sense their presence. I am at such a cross roads. Due to certain issues. Richard, though, is quite correct, in the way he is pushing for more respect for Our Lord. It's just the old balance thingy, Jesus came to save sinners. I happen to know that Richard has a soft heart for sinners!

      God bless all, especially those, in most need of God's Mercy.

      Wear yer mantillas girls, if you've got one!!!!

  3. Thanks for the link Richard. I've signed