Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dance - and the cat gets it!

All I can say is that the Catholic world must be knee deep in dead kittens (sorry Mulier Fortis and other cat lovers). I also have a sneaking feeling that this picture was featured by Mac at some time (more apologies) but it is good enough to stand a second airing, hopefully.

Let me say here and now; I am not a cat lover but I condemn those who distort the liturgy resulting in all those kittens being.....enough!


  1. Sadly it might take more drastic action! Do you think holding a kitten at gunpoint could stop a Kum-By-Ya? It could take a bren gun and a whole litter to stop a determined Eucharistic-Minister-Monster? You may have to nuke a cattery to stop the Soho "Gay" Mass.

  2. Leave that cat alone! (I am a dog lover!)
    But what about the priest? I know of one priest whose cat occupies the "presidential chair" during Mass!
    Should the priest be "nuked"?