Saturday, 28 January 2012

Make my day punk!

If you think that you can get away with blasphemy, with throwing filth at the image of the Son of God, of taking His name in vain, in abusing statues of His Blessed Mother, in propagating lies about pagan festivals being the prototypes of Christian ones (The Little Way), in destroying the life in the womb that He created, in assaulting His priests, His chosen ones, in taking the lives of the aged and the infirm, of experimenting on embryos in order to undertake the great 'good' of finding a cure for this, that and the other, if you think, for one minute you can get away with promoting mortal sin through the defence of homosexuality, licentiousness and immorality -

Think again!....Make my day!

"I have ten shots and you don't know how many I've take a chance, make my day.....I'm taking a bead on you......"


  1. Dear Not So Dirty Harry:
    I think Catholics of every political bent should agree that the Rosary is the most powerful weapon we have in the arsenal against sin and vice. I firmly believe that if we can get our lapsed brethren to pray the Rosary every day, before long, they'll return to the sacraments. That is why I give Rosary beads as gifts, with a complete set of instructions on how to pray it, to every known prodigal son or daughter I encounter. Your witty but powerful post made my day :)

  2. Bravo, Richard! Linking and tweeting.

    God bless!