Friday, 13 January 2012

The cream of the week's blogs

Top of the Blogs - and
the best use for cream -
on an Irish Coffee!

1.If your heart could do with a little warming and if your faith in the reform of the reform is Mary O'Regan's post on The Path Less Taken

2. Why I love the Latin Mass - I love this post on Ignitum because the author is:
a) young
b) not what one might describe as a traditional traditional Catholic
c)  enjoys much the same sort of macho things (?) that I like doing (apart from the martial arts)..... and the medical bit
d) because he plays a very interesting and demanding role in the military

3. Jane Mossendew (post of January 8) gives a briefing on the consistory with such clarity that, even I can comprehend it. Still more prayers needed for the Cardinals (no, the Vatican Cardinals!)

4. Father Shelton gives sound advice to those a shade nervous about the EF - What's to be scared of? It's your Mass!

5. And another priest, the redoubtable Fr Bede Rowe. Fr Rowe works in France, with young people, correction, with very providentially fortunate young people. He is not afraid to be corrected and those in his charge, having got hold of a dangerous book, do so!

6. Is it snobby to follow the traditional teachings of the faith? And to enjoy the trappings of liturgical worship that link us back to when Christ walked the Earth?
Well the Rev Alan Griffiths (not Rev Alun ap Gruffydd surely?) thinks that what he calls uber traditionalists (uber has such a lovely fascist type ring about it!) are snobs and the poor old working class Catholics wot lives in a council 'ouse, wears clogs and lives on a diet of stewed tea and ferret sandwiches, does not know wot's wot when there's a bit of the old Latin being gabbled in church.

 Ben Trovato links it back to Fr Ray but thanks to Ben's blog,
 Countercultural Father for picking it up in such a good manner.

A group of uber traditional Catholics (left)
being observed by some urban working class
non Latin speaking Catholics

7. Rick Santorum.......keep the faith people, the rosaries are still being hammered out on his behalf. I find American politics slightly more baffling than trying to comprehend the rules for Baseball in Mandarin.
But, Paul Zummo at The American Catholic has a good take on him and his dastardly Communist tendencies!

8. Philothea on Phire asks what happened to the 95%  - you know, the 95%!
That is those bishops, those 4,750 out of the total of 5,000 who have NOT celebrated the Tridentine Latin Mass!
It is scandalous! What a shower!

Eight days? Who's counting?


  1. Thanks Richard for having put me in such exalted company. Just spotted this.

    God bless,

  2. btw the link doesn't work! That'll 'larn' me!

  3. Jane - it is a great pleasure. Sorry about the link, I have amended it as far as possible.