Thursday, 26 January 2012

Was it something I said?

I noticed, recently, that my blog had been removed from the sidebar list of a priest blogger. That is his absolute right.

But, I was saddened by this. Had I offended him by some view expressed rather too stridently?

Was it that he did not like my comments on Bishops?

I don't think that I would retract anything that I have said over the past 14 months but I am truly sorry if I have offended this priest, because, of course, I have offended one of Christ's own which is as good as offending the good Lord Himself.

I do not care at all about being dropped off the favourites listing but I would have liked an email from him telling me why.

Is there a protocol for bloggers? A code of courtesy and conduct? I rather sense that there is an unwritten, loose form of way of carrying on; the trouble is, no one tells you about it, you just bump from rock to rock finding out the painful, hard way - trial and error.

Perhaps some erudite soul with a love of constitutional matters might cobble together a Catholic Blogger's Code?

Or, does one exist?


  1. I hope you are not excluded from other blogs but you are a bit inclined to exclusion yourself. Your comments on gays smack of prejudice not of love or understanding. The Church is careful to uphold its teaching but not to exclude. You are pretty judgemental aren't you?

  2. Frederick Oakley - I am prejudiced against the practice of homosexuality, not homosexuals. Although, I freely admit I dislike the excesses that many of them surround themselves with.
    By permitting homosexual Masses to continue the Church is not upholding its teaching and it is, in effect, excluding many families who might otherwise attend that Mass.
    And, yes, I am judgemental, as we are all called to be.

  3. Richard, same thing happened to me but the priest in question said names(blogs) had disappeared of their own accord, therefore nothing personal was intended. We all love you, surely you know that? It's just nice to have a bit of banter. I am going trad, it happens without one resisting, in the end.

    Love you Richard. Keep up the good work. Ros!

  4. I think this may be no more than a techie hitch. The priest may have "updated" his blog roll to be time-sensitive.
    I've noticed that whenever this is done, quite a few blogs simply drop off the list. I have to google them instead. In fact, on one fairly recent time-enhanced blog roll, even Fr. Z's posts are affected. Quite a few are not being picked up at all and another very good priest blogger has pretty much disappeared.
    The old ways are the best . . . . .

  5. Genty, you are right.
    Thanks, BTW, for your recent comments which I have failed to respond to. You really should have a blog of your own!