Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Every blog helps! Tesco withdraw support for Gay Pride!

Francis Phillips in The Catholic Herald has the full story which you may read here.

Tesco funding of the 2012 event will go ahead but that will be the end of their relationship with the London Gay Pride organisation and no further sponsorship deals will be entered into - my loyalty points are safe but, more importantly, the voice of the people of God has been heard - that sounds very pompous but you get my drift.

I believe that it was Christian (not just Catholic) bloggers that achieved this small victory.
 It was the bloggers who brought the story to the attention of the mainstream press and then, of course, all who cared, wrote to complain to Tesco management.

I say that it was a victory for the work of bloggers but, of course, it was the intercession of Our Lady and infinite love of the Almighty that responded, not to our letters but our prayers.

The blog below was, perhaps, the most influential in all of this and all kudos to them.



  1. I tore up my "loyalty" card after receiving a reply from Tesco, and I have not shopped with them since. I have actually shopped around and found better prices and, in my opinion, better quality, elsewhere. I am not going back to Tesco!

  2. So we should boycott them for 2012.

    Well said EFpe. Shop around. It is quite unCatholic to go to these big stores for everything.

  3. I won't shop there until they stop supporting Israel.

  4. Jonty, I think that every British retail food chain 'supports Israel'
    You must be very hungry!

    Tito - Thank you and God bless!