Sunday, 29 January 2012

The SSPX - are they really Elves?

The Church has been beleaguered before.
 Many times has the Holy Father been isolated and besieged; many priests, Bishops and lay men and women have gone to meet their death at the hands of evil.

And now wars, famine, pestilence and disease abounds.

Morality is at an all time low.

The Devil appears to be gaining ground.
Wherever one looks there is pornography, violence, dishonesty, greed, corruption, exploitation - and human life has never been held so cheap.

All appears hopeless, all is lost.....but could the Society of St Pius X provide us with the required force to repel the works and pomps of Satan?

If only those in the Vatican could offer a little more and if only Bishop Fellay's men could unbend a shade, then we could win the Battle of Helm's Deep and all future battles.

They could be the saving Elves that we so desperately need right now!


  1. For quite a long time now, there has been a tendency to romanticise the SSPX among those closer to the mainstream. What is it that they have that you think you need? How would a canonical settlement actually change anything at all (except for splitting them 25/75 - the 75 remaining aloof)? Let's be honest: after 40 years of struggle - 600 priests, most of them French? I used to think of them as a seed, that gets through the winter with its kernel intact by being small, hard and not very attractive. For every seed that makes it though, a hundred rot in the ground. Log on to an SSPX-line Forum and take a long hard look at the preoccupations and priorities (not to mention the tone); if that's the future of the RC Church, heaven help you.

  2. Ah, Anagnostis, this is something that, from your church perspective, you will not comprehend.
    Read ++ Lebevre's Letter to Confused Catholics, it explains all.
    We (my family)owe a great deal to the SSPX; they were constant in this country in the 80s when all else had turned to mush.

  3. Anagnostics, the lay people who post on internet forums is not the SSPX. The SSPX is made up of seminarians, priests and bishops. Read what they have to say instead.

    God bless!

  4. "if only Bishop Fellay's men could unbend a shade"

    You don't want SSPX to unbend even one centimeter on a principle of doctrine, because that centimeter, by the time it reaches its outer limits, is the reason why "morality is at an all-time low." I realize that many people don't associate doctrine with morality, or family life, or wages, or speculation in our markets--but actually, it's the opposite. It was the changes of doctrine at VII in the areas of ecumenism and religious liberty that have caused the withdrawal of our evangelical energy in so many areas, not excluding financial. We had an effect on the world, prior to the Council, simply by our opposition to it. We had an effect on wages and organizing, on borrowing and lending, on marrying and raising families. We gave all that up to submerge ourselves in all the many 'paths' to heaven liberalism appreciates. It was the poor who it hurt the most, who gave up their long time champion. Please let us pray SSPX bends not one micro centimeter! These are key issues related to our very survival.

    I don't know where other commenters here are getting info that SSPX is mainly French! Dear hearts, google it and go to the SSPX website and see in how many countries around the globe they serve (including lucky me in Chicago). Not that they are large! It is the truth that makes them so tall and good looking.

  5. Richard,
    As for the case of the regularization of the SSPX only God, Pope/Magisterium and SSPX know what is happening at present-I am no theologian! However, what it's worth I say Thank God for the SSPX-for they have kept the flag of Catholic Tradition flying high and proud, and if it had not been for them the Traditional Mass would have been abolished long ago-There would have been no Motu Proprio (Summorum Pontificum)and Catholic Tradition would have capitulated with these 40/50years in the desert! I firmly believe H.G Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre will be fully vindicated and will be eventually canonized also, the sooner the better!



  6. I so agree. I went into a SSPX church recently, just for a look round. It had such an immense air of silent holiness, there was a young priest and a young nun praying in fron of the altar and I wept as I prayed. The youngest priest in our diocese is 40 and I haven't seen a nun in a habit for many years. The average age of nuns here in NZ is 70! I do wish they would rejoin us but what have they to gain?