Saturday, 21 January 2012

It's the keys stupid!

According to the Houses of Parliament Chairman of the Speaker's Advisory Council, one Dr Jonathan Drori,  the great British public is "put off" by the iconography of Parliament, namely the portcullis motif.

Dr Drori states that the logo is "hardly welcoming" and even describes it as "intimidating".

If that works for Parliament.......then it must work for the Catholic faith!

The British are "put off" by
the Houses of Parliament logo

So it seems that people are not put off the faith by....

Papal infallibility......Or the ban on  priests of the female gender......

...Or the Doctrine of Purgatory?- No, it's none of those's....the keys!

Of course, come to think of it, the Papal Coat of Arms is so very intimidatory with its iconography of the crossed keys (so ominous, keys).

Keys represent authority and discipline, restraint, even. They are a symbol of authority, of opening or closing, binding or loosing - very offputting.

So, I hope that those in the Vatican who are responsibe for such things will give priority to removing the key image and replacing it with something much more user friendly, a smiley face perhaps?

Much better than those horrid keys!


  1. Richard - thanks for brightening my dull and sleepless night!

    God bless!

  2. Delightful!

    And an effective comment on the wish by some to Wal-Mart the Church.

    -- Mack in Texas

  3. Another candidate would be the Alfred E. Neuman "What me worry" image.
    Thanks for a good chuckle to start the day.

  4. Some are not so much "put off" by the keys as they "want" the keys for themselves e.g, the ironic hierarchy of Voice of the Faithful.

  5. Hahah -- funny, thanks much.