Thursday, 12 January 2012

Is our Faith open to misinterpretation?

For that aimless, carefree cruise of a lifetime -
book now on the SS Vatican II

   1. Vatican II is not a cruise liner

   2.  Zuchetto is a skullcap, not a small, tasteless vegetable

   3.  Baldachino is an altar canopy, not a coffee without froth

   4.Aumbry – an alcove for the holy oils, not a Spanish friend

   5. Aggiornamento is not a resort on the Amalfi Coast

   6. Simony, selling spiritual items, not the feminine of Simon

   7. Nuncio is a legate from the Holy See, not the Mother Superior

   8. Vespers…..not to be confused with Lambrettas

   9. Anamnesis, a prayer, not loss of memory as to the value of the Latin

 10. Halo – an aura said to surround the head of the saints – not a Texan 

 11. ………………………………………………………..?


  1. And Lauds is not a cricket ground.

  2. And....Asperges.....not to be confused with Asparagus.

  3. And the Barque of Peter is not an angry growl from the Pope.

  4. And Compline is not a powdered milk nutritional supplement available in a range of delicious flavours...

    1. And Purgatory is neither a laxative nor an anti-Conservative witch-hunt.

    2. And if the Popes don't like something they don't say "Let him have asthma"

  5. And the dialogue on entering the Confessional is NOT, "Bless me Father, for you have sinned"! And the humeral veil is not funny!

  6. And the Confiteor is a prayer confessing sinfulness, not a person with a penchant for roasting duck.

  7. We don't say "Hello" here in Texas ... it's "Howdy!" Although I just got back a couple of hours ago from a Knights of Columbus meeting dominated by guys from Chicago, so the greeting was "How ya doon?"

    The mantilla can't be found over a small fireplace.