Saturday, 14 January 2012

That the van you have crushed may.......

That was a headline in waiting and now, it is no longer relevant, or is it?
Laurence England operates a well known witty and erudite blog and he is also the owner of a white van (no, don't even go there!)

Laurence (or Bones as he is known throughout the Catholic blogging world) does not have regular employment, despite his obvious talents.
He works hard to get by in a Brighton that seems little changed from the days of Graham Greene's 'Brighton Rock'

It has long been known as a resort with an extra high population of people with different sexual preferences from the norm.
It is also a place where the City Council operates a policy of somewhat strange character when it comes to caring for the poor, the needy and the homeless.

Bones has endured an ongoing saga of metal fatigue with his van....we have all been there, we know what it is like. For a time the van became a bedroom for a homeless gent, until the Council stepped in.

And, faced with a rock and a hard place decision regarding to repair or to crush, he elected to go for the more, much more, expensive repair option.

Go and get a proper job, young man! I can hear the cry coming faintly over the ether from those who see this as the answer to every situation.
But that, quite frankly, is not the point and none of our business.

The point I am trying to make, rather ponderously, is that, Laurence is a light for many of us. He doesn't exactly prick my conscience so much as hack at it with a cutlass.
If I did half of what Laurence does for the poor and the homeless and for being a fighter for the faith, my sphincter muscle would be much more relaxed when the words 'Judgement' and 'Eternal life' are mentioned.

In my opinion, he should not get a "job" but should continue undertaking the great good that he is undoubtedly doing.

Did I mention that he also has an online shop? A virtual piety stall?

No? - Well you may find it here where it states SHOP and then all you do is click on the BUY button.

That might help Bones a little....and you get a double reward also.

What you might call a win, win, win situation.


  1. At the risk of being thought a little pedantic, I'd just like to point out that an overly relaxed sphincter is usually associated with extreme terror, death and incontinence pads...

    Somehow I don't think that was what you meant...

  2. Mac - mine is just mild terror. In extremis you are, of course right. God bless.