Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new blog that underpins the petition

Reception of Holy Communion by tongue only is as controversial as, say, mantillas, dress codes in church, women priests and many other current topics.

Not too frail nor too proud to
kneel before Him
It is, however, more important than any other concern and a petition to the Holy Father, asking for withdrawal of the permission to give the Eucharist in the hand, (started by two Australian priests) is now doing the rounds.

Now it appears, those two priests also have a new blog called, disarmingly, Restore Communion on the Tongue The link takes you straight to a recent post quoting from one of the Holy Father's books and giving his views. It is worth reading.
H/T to Kate Edwards of Australia Incognita


  1. I have signed it but was very irritated by the immediate demand for a donation- which I only escaped by backspacing.

  2. Patricius - I quite agree, it seems mandatory on all petitions these days.
    I ignore the requests.