Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What do you call men who are disloyal to their leader?

Men who stab their general in the back; men who do not wait for the stage to be cleared before they put the boot in by talking of needing a change, of moving away from a 'conservative Church'

Would you place these men in that category? -

Cardinal Emeritus Cormac Murphy O'Connor    

                                              Bishop Kieran Conry, Arundel & Brighton

Bishop Thomas Burns, Menevia             

Would you use these words to describe the character of any of the above?



  1. I can't think of an apt word, so it will have to be unspeakable.

  2. Visionary in one of the older senses given in the OED: one who indulges in fantastic ideas or schemes; an unpractical speculator or enthusiast.

  3. They are Listening Bishops, young in heart and mind, and leaders of the new, hopefully Listening Church!

    Blessings from Listening Bishop Bogus Smirk

  4. here is a website that will assign you a cardinal that will be part of the conclave who you can pray for. I'll be praying for Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló in prayers, man in charge of conclave.
    please share this link :-)

  5. Thank you Anon, liberal blessings on Bishop Smirk and his ilk.
    And thank you Ajay.

  6. any more words to choose from?

  7. are they Liberal Democrats by any chance?

  8. Mr. Collins,
    You are not supposed to lead us into temptation! Leave that to the "usual suspects " whose photographs you display, though recognise what they do!

  9. After watching
    Good Italy Bad Italy;
    Dadangelica has said he was "gob smacked"at the corruption in Italy and he thinks is is an indication of the corruption in the Vatican. He feels that ALL Italian Cardinals should be removed from office before the conclave. Harsh? Watch the programme.
    Homosexuality is a ticking timebomb for the Catholic Church': Explosive claim of former friar who says half of recruits are gay
    Mark Dowd says gay men are 'massively over-represented' within Church
    Ex-Dominican friar insists half of those attracted into seminaries are gay
    Openly gay Dowd also blasts 'culture of secrecy and guilt and repression'
    He researched homosexuality in Catholicism for a Channel 4 documentary
    Read more:

    That man makes me mad!!

  10. I highly recommend this book for all the info you need on this subject.
    Vol. I - The Rite of Sodomy - Historical Perspectives From Antiquity to the Cambridge Spies.

    I have it and read it some time ago. Worth having insider knowledge seeing as the pressure is on an,d we need to counter their arguments.
    Pop star todays news,claiming Homosexuals are "pacifist". which they are very not. Alexander the Great as an example for starters.

  11. The religion of so many Bishops and priests is something far removed from true Christianity. It is beyond scandalous, this widespread infiltration of the Church by the Enemy.