Saturday, 9 February 2013

If you were arrested for being a Catholic......

......would there be enough evidence to convict you?


  1. Yes, point.
    Nonetheless, with "hard" persecution, tolerated or "legal" increasing in countries that officially proclaim themselves Islamic, were bust being a christian, good or bad is enough to trigger, and the cold war has not gone away for baptized christians, catholics especially, where there is is still communist party government, "softer"(loss of jobs, no promotion , school bullying, loss of property and businesses etc) increasing in the west, the charges are almost always something else, just as the death, prison, and camps endured briefly under the nazis and longer under the marxists. You must have heard post war, as I did growing up, from the many Europeans settling in the UK.
    Blasphemy, hate speech, treason, whatever.
    But, agreed. it would good for the evidence to to be our virtuous deeds fruit of the holy spirit as opposed to our sins, particularly our sins of omission raised to the level of habitual vice.
    Howbeitsomever, it's coming.

  2. Oh! I posted this video back in August! It's good, right?


  3. Yes, Nick, it's good. Sorry, I missed it on your blog earlier.

  4. Catholics in Australia are viewed through two levels
    Catholic social teaching= Good
    Catholic moral stances= bad

    Not helped by the Child abuse coverups by the Hierarchy

  5. Gervase, Australia seems to be yet another country that is very sensitive to,even somewhat caters to certain religions but not to the Catholic religion. And it is further true that the Catholic Church does vast charitable work among people of various or no religion. Whereas the religions that are most considered and appeased direct their philanthrophy to their own.