Sunday, 17 February 2013

Last 'Mass' for Warwick Street

Today the last homosexual 'Mass' will be held in Soho's Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory (sob).

In the future, such Masses will take place at Farm Street, so no change there then.

It is a great pity that the group who support these Masses do not grasp the fact that the Catholic Church embraces all regardless of colour, gender or their place in society.

We do not need 'gay' Masses any more than we need Masses for divorced people or eccentric people or bank robbers. We are all sinners and all in need of God's grace which is not distributed according to sexual inclinations but is freely available to all who are deserving of it.

The Tablet's spokesman on the subject, one, Christopher Lamb, stated on this morning's Radio Four news, that Archbishop Nichols had stopped the Masses due to "pressure from the authorities in Rome".

I know not Christopher Lamb but he needs to feel the firm grip of a crozier around his neck to haul him back into line for making such silly statements; failing that perhaps the Archbishop should sling out copies of the said rag from the back of the Cathedral.

1 comment:

  1. Sadly Lamb is correct. Without pressure from Rome ++Nichols would not have acted.
    Personally I consider the closure in Warwick street to be mere window dressing!