Monday, 4 February 2013

A Mass! A Mass! my kingdom for a Mass!

King Richard III disposing of a modernist 
    at the Battle of Bosworth Field

Today it has been announced that the human remains found beneath a Leicester car park are none other than the Catholic King Richard III, last of the Plantagenets and the last English King to die in battle (Bosworth Field 1485).

Forget about what happened to the two young Princes, forget about the limp and the deformed back, Richard was a Catholic, good or bad - and, as with most of us, in all probability a sinner but one worthy of God's forgiveness.

It would seem just too banal for this man to have ended up buried in a disabled parking bay in the local council's car park (I trust he possesses a blue badge).

But that, as they say, is how the maccarone crumbles.

It has also been announced that the mortal remains are to be buried in some style by some bod or other in the Protestant Church of England.

No, no, no! That will not do!

Richard III was a Catholic and he died a Catholic some 40 or so years before the Protestant heresy came to England, so he can't be buried according to the Protestant rite, it just ain't rite (sorry).

In fact, he can't even be buried with the Catholic Ordinary Form of Requiem Mass (Ordinary Form? For a King? Pshaw!) because he lived and breathed in a time when the Extraordinary Form of the Tridentine Latin Mass Old Rite, Mass of all Time, was in place and no other.

Please voice your disapproval of this travesty, not by storming Whitehall with lances and trebuchets but by storming Heaven with some fervent prayers.

And, thanks to A Reluctant Sinner for his post and guidance to the petitions site where you may also voice your disapproval by signing HERE


  1. A Parking spot! a Parking spot! My Kingdom for a parking spot!

    He probably already had many a Mass offered at his death.

  2. Richard,
    How many of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales will sign the petition I wonder? Therefore, a Bishop-a Bishop-My kingdom for a Bishop! King Richard 111 Requiescant in pace.



  3. As an American I am not permitted to sign the petition, and I accept that. However, a great many people who live in the U.K., legally or not, and whether or not they are hostile to the nation that succors them, are permitted to sign.

    Just being grouchy.

    God bless poor old Richard III anyway.

  4. Mack, you're allowed to be grouchy.

    EFPE - you can never have too many Masses, as you know.

    Michael, I think that I can answer your question, two, maybe?

  5. American history was British history until 1776.

  6. Like Mack I'm American,But I have pints and pints of English blood in my veins.Sometimes it Does boil. You all must write to the Bishops NOW! Tell your Priests they must!They just can't wait till the Eleventh hour! Maybe some Prayer Marchs can be organized.

  7. to S Roosevelt, Yes, thank you for that. And some of will never forget.And I do love what Mark Steyn said; You fought a revolution over taxation without representation. How do you like taxation with representation?

  8. Sorry to be pedantic but surely a Tridentine Mass hadn't been developed in the 15th century? Sarum rite? Others will know more about this than me. I'm just a small brown passerine.

  9. It would have to be Sarum Rite.