Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is the SSPX the horsemeat in the Vatican's burger?

I really do not understand why people become so hysterical at the mention of horse meat in their burgers or mince.

I have eaten horse on a few occasions in France and once raw in Japan (but we'll draw a veil over that) and I find it very palatable.

In fact, it's an extraordinary meat inasmuch that it is lean, low in cholesterol and, normally, very tender. Unfortunately, it is also quite hard to source in Britain.

Many Catholics become quite agitated whenever the SSPX comes into the conversation; yet all that the good Bishops and priests of this order do is to carry out the mission of the Church in precisely the same fashion as it was carried out 60 years ago.

My own parents (and those of many others) would have a far greater affinity with a Latin Mass celebrated by an SSPX priest than an Ordinary Form one with a liberal priest at the controls.

If you have ever attended an SSPX Mass you will know that there is even a great distinction between 'their' EF Mass and the EF Mass celebrated by an orthodox priest in a modern church.

The SSPX Mass is (or comes across as being) purer, more reverent and certainly more profound.


Well this is not in any way taking a shot at our good priests who strive to provide both forms for their flock but, most sanctuaries today are totally impracticable for the EF Mass.
They have too few steps or too many steps or they are in the wrong place; the altar is in the wrong place and, very often, the bells, communion plate, candles and other elements of the Latin Mass are missing or hidden away somewhere (along with the tabernacle).

A Mass in an SSPX church is a pretty lean affair, the focus is intense and pure, silence surrounds one.
You get the very real impression that the sanctuary is crammed jam full with angels and cherubim and that, if you so much as blink for one fraction of a second, you will see them there, packed from floor to ceiling.
All is undertaken flawlessly and perfectly.

It is a humbling experience and, at the same time, an uplifting one.

In brief. it's the real thing.

In contrast, attending an OF Mass is rather like sitting through a performance of Elgar performed in a busy railway station.
It is, to paraphrase the late Fr Oswald Baker, "the Church in a boiler suit."

There is nothing but excellence throughout the Latin Mass of the Society; it is plain red meat, nothing more and nothing less.

Worth attending if you have not already done so.



  1. Would you agree, Mr. Collins, the SSPX is in a situation similar to St. Athanasius? While much of the Church fell for Arianism, in our time, much of the Church has fallen for the "Spirit of Vatican IIism" Allowing the modernist changes in the Mass has been nothing short of a disaster. And yet, the SSPX is treated like a red headed stepchild.


  2. Precisely Mr CR......and I am (or used to be) a redhead!

  3. Sorry to 'butt in' Richard, but have you seen the video that I have posted up today? I think you might find it very interesting and I think that it is worth distributing.

    I believe that this is the clear and concise message that we need to get out there.

    In fact Fr. Joseph Kramer seems to have hit 'the nail right on the head'.

    1. Thank you OPN for the hint - what a wonderful witness.

      Dear Lord God, may we have more of this man to speak to our 'modern world'; blessings on his Fraternity!

      Why, I so often often wonder, are there still so few British Catholics willing to witness on-line to orthodox faith via audio/ video (even something so simple as reciting the Rosary)?

  4. Sadly, many (way too many) speaking/ writing/ blogging in the name of the SSPX are crypto-sede-vacantist or actively promoting the spirit of Sede Vacante as the basic norm of discussion.

    Similarly, a large number - of clergy and laity - present the Age-of-Aquarius 'spirit of Vat II' as the norm (sic) to be accepted.

    So, when the Holy Ghost - the one Spirit of the one body that counts - is ignored naturally the flesh intervenes.

    The venomous hatred spewed out upon Bishop Fellay by SSPX (strict observance / and not-so-strict) is second only to the animus aimed at the Mass Order of Venerable Paul VI. In this light, and the actual legal standing of the Society in the Roman Communion, it is hardly surprising that a number of highly placed bishops of the Church view the SSPX with dismay or treat it with mistrust. The Society is part of the orthodox Catholic witness to the Sacred Tradition of Faith witnessed by God's beloved called to be saints at Rome, but its shoe-shuffling and heel-digging and foot-in-mouth publicity (making Jews enemies of the Church, not merely acting as providential enemies to the gospel) does nothing whatever to advance the reconciliation of (what remains of) this very necessary Society with the disciple of Roman communion.


  5. Thank you Nat Ons, a fair analysis. Needless to say, I am not in the SV camp.

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