Monday, 4 February 2013

Remains of senior Muslim Imam to be interred in Westminster Abbey

How ridiculous! And how insulting to Muslims (if it was true).

But, it's not. No one remotely in their right minds, let alone a politician, would contemplate burying a person of a different faith in an opposing church.

Yet, that it is what the authorities have in mind for the bones of the English King Richard III, Catholic and Traditional Catholic, for that matter.

Now that, today, the boffins and bone diggers have had their way with his Majesty's DNA and confirmed that the car park bones do indeed belong to Richard III, sinister plans are afoot to have a 'service' in the Protestant Leicester Cathedral and to inter the remains there, an alien world to the hunchback King.

Wrong. Very, wrong.And if you see my earlier post you will find a link to a petition calling for this decision to be revoked and Richard laid to rest with a Tridentine Latin Requiem Mass (I've added the TLM bit, but I'm sure that's what they mean).

Protect the Pope has a post indicating that Bishop McMahon of Nottingham has stepped into the ring in favour of a Catholic burial for a Catholic King, and good for him.

Why is this important when the deceased has been dead for over 500 years?

Because it is the correct and proper thing to do and because we need to tell the secular world that we have rights and sensitivities and that, to flout them is to court insurrection in the form of many thousands of Rosaries being recited for the enlightenment of the moronic and the Catholic haters.

So, please, sign the petition (see previous post).



  1. Beautifully argued, Richard, and I hope the idiots will take the point. God bless!

  2. I am not convinced that Richard III was innocent but the Tudors were certainly a disaster and I agree that he should be buried with Catholic rites.

  3. Rise Up Soldiers ! They just Cannot get away with this one!

  4. Richard had been dead for nearly a century before the Tridentine Missal was published and dead nearly five centuries before the 1962 Missal appeared. Liturgically, speaking surely a York rite Requiem would be the most apposite.

    1. Sir:

      The "Tridentine" Missal was not a concoction created out of thin air in the 1500s (unlike the current Novus Ordo, which WAS concocted). Saint Pius V's action was to codify an already existing Rite, which had been in use for centuries, and which in all its essentials dates from the time of Christ. The codification was needed due to certain unauthorized tamperings of this venerable Rite.

    2. There is a Bishop who knows the York Rite.

  5. Invoke Blessed Michael the Archangel

  6. Anonymous @ 7.30am - The Council of Trent ratified the Latin Mass, I would not get too caught up in specific rites as long as it was an EF Mass.

    Please, no more anonymous comments.

  7. Richard,
    Surely, any Pre-Henican Reformation rite of the Roman Church ie Dominican ,Durham, York, Sarum and Tridentine etc would fa fitting for Richard 111 than from any re-interment flowing from Cranmer's communion table -at least he would recognise one of the former rites! Also he should be re-interred in Catholic Consecrated Ground too!



  8. Bury him according to the Sarum Rite?

  9. If Richard III was a rotter, well, all the more reason why he should be given the Mass (no Cardinal Mahony-ish dancing-girls or guitars).

    - Mack in Texas