Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Not quite a Lazarus moment

That would be endowing my release from hospital (on bail, pending further tests and then an op to remove something that should not be there), with more importance than it really deserves.

However, I am both startled, humbled and very, very grateful for all of your prayers and Masses. And please keep Mrs L and myself in your daily prayers as we are not out of the wood just yet.
Of course, the great Catholic thing under the circumstances is that we shall, in turn, remember you all in our daily Rosary.

Frustratingly, the hospital did not have wi-fi, so in the midst of the latest crises in HMC, I have had to rely on the BBC Radio Four programme for my news.
And that was very bad for my blood pressure (both the news and the prejudiced
way the Beeb presented it).

It seems very much to me that we have entered an era not so very distant from Germany's Weimar Republic of the 1920s and 30s.

Recession and economic disaster are on every corner, secularism enjoys an unparalleled resurgence, everywhere one looks there are images and acts of evil (pornography, violence, war, infanticide), degenerate humanity carries on drinking and carousing generally indulging itself in every perversion known to man and even the pillars of Holy Mother Church are shaking as what is, undoubtedly, an onslaught from below carries on apace.

It is slightly out of a time context but I cling to Archbishop Fulton Sheen's phrase of the late 70s:


For those unfamiliar with His Grace's context, he meant that, as a child he enjoyed something of an age of comparative innocence.
Front doors were left unlocked, bicycles could be parked in the garden unchained and free from fear of theft and so on.

By the time he was an old man, the world had moved on and society was suspicious, selfish and jealous; charity had grown cold. The Church and all of her members were under attack and it meant something to stand up and state 'I am a Catholic' under those circumstances.

And now, we have entered an Ice Age as far as goodness and charity is concerned. It is hard to stand up and make a claim to our Faith today; battered and despised by many.

But, we are the Church Militant! This is what we do!

It is  indeed a wonderful time to be a Catholic.


  1. I think Radio 4 should be forced to broadcast its own health warning! lol.

    Please be assured of my continued prayers for you both, and especially for you, Richard, as you prepare for your op.

    I am sure that the sufferings you are currently enduring, united as they are to Christ's Passion, will prove to have been of great benefit to the Church when all is revealed at the appointed time. And, at the moment, we need as many prayers and sacrifices as possible as the attacks from below continue.

    God bless


  2. oh so glad to see you post!!Hope you are not feeling too bad and be assured you are remembered every day.

  3. Good to see you back in harness.Best wishes and prayers.

  4. Richard,
    Glad to have you back! Continuous prayers assured for You and Mrs.L!

    God Bless,


  5. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you both,
    Dorothy B

  6. Dear Richard,

    I'm glad you are out on bail! I'll pray for your innards.

    My mother, of happy memory, was a young wife and then a young widow when her first husband's ship was torpedoed with the loss of all hands in 1942. She said that when possible she listened to the BBC on shortwave because the BBC was frank and honest about the news. Not the same, eh?

    - Mack in Texas

  7. Good to see you up and about, and you and Mrs L remain in my prayers.

    It is a wonderful time to be a Catholic -but then it always is! The Church is of course full of utterly dreadful people like myself who are always running around trying to ruin things, but fortunately rests not just on us but on Christ and the saints. I have no confidence that we can sort things out, but I'm sure they will.


  8. Brian, Michael, Dorothy B, Dylan, Sandy, Mack and Lazarus (and others). I have been so humbled by your prayers and best wishes. Thank you. Richard

  9. I am glad to see you back blogging. Hopefully your bail conditions will be remitted by the GREAT PHYSICIAN

  10. Will keep you in my prayers.