Saturday, 16 February 2013

But Bishop - Arundel and Brighton needs you!

How selfish are we?

We take a Bishop from his own diocese and plonk him down in the wilds of west Wales (Carmarthen) and ask him to be guest speaker at a seminar on 'The Year of Faith and the New Evangelisation'.

Yes, there seem to be no bounds to our greed to have Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel & Brighton Diocese, come and speak to us here in Menevia Diocese (Carmarthen).

We care not that Laurence England and others will be deprived of Bishop Conry's steadying hand for a few days or that his charitable and kind comments on the Holy Father will not resound along the eastern boundaries of England in his absence.

There will be crying in Crawley, weeping in Worthing and unseemly bawling in Brighton.

How can this much loved shepherd leave his flock with such apparent gay abandon?

And can Menevia Diocese cope with the anticipated influx of pilgrims from all points of the compass, anxious to hear words of wisdom from +KC?

The event of the year is due to take place at St Mary's Church Hall, Carmarthen next Tuesday and all are welcome, light refreshments are provided and the day is free. Heady stuff for us west Walians who are starved of any intellectual, theological discourse (let alone egg and cress sandwiches).

Shall I be going?

Sadly, no.

I have already committed myself to washing the car that day.


  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know the dates so that I may change, if necessary, the dates of my proposed visit to Wales. I would be fearful of breathing the same air as that man lest my COPD would worsen.

  2. You always manage to bring a smile to my face Richard and sometimes even a belly laugh!

  3. I see under Menevia "Bishop Burns"....

    An omen?


  4. Patricius.....very naughty...he likes to be known as Bishop Tom


  5. EFPE...but Father, does this mean you have resigned your post as President of the fan club?
    Sandy, many thanks, hope all is well.
    Annie, I thought you would like that.

  6. Richard,
    Book me a flight from Newcastle-I don't think so! God help us with Bishops like him.



  7. Is there a possibility of stopping this in the same way as Tina Beattie's engagement at Clifton was stopped. I can see little difference between TB and KC.

  8. Maybe you could go and ask him one or two interesting questions. I'm sure you can think of something that will enlighten the audience. Just a thought.

  9. Perhaps your car is a "heap of witness?"


    This site is always very think-y. Methinks that love of freedom is alive in England and Wales yet.

  10. As it's Lent it behoves us in A&B to deny ourselves the presence of our bishop, if temporarily. For the good of souls.

  11. Wailing in Warninglid?
    Somehow I don't think so.. ;)

  12. Mr. Collins, Thanks for always helping row St.Peter's Barque.

  13. How could a Bishop be so stupid as to think of the Church in terms of a political or social club - he's a disgrace. How did he geg to be ordained Bishop?

  14. This man fancies himself as something of a commun-i-ca-tor. I saw him on Newsnight up against a Lib Dem MP and he was so useless I switched off. His problem seems to be conceit and vanity stemming from his heterosexuality and good looks. He might convert once he loses the latter.

    1. Good looks? Have you seen him in the flesh?

    2. I saw him walking down my High St. in his civvies and completely full of himself he was too. I am happy to stand corrected and admit that he is already pig ugly but where that leaves his return to the Catholic Church, I have no idea.

  15. Don't forget to bring a spare pen, just in case ...

  16. 'Kieran Conry, the English Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, also criticised the link between homosexuality and abuse. "Homosexuality is irrelevant to the child-abuse problem," he said. "We have been very careful in this country to keep the two issues well apart." ' (The Times, 20th February 2013).

    'Over 100,000 young boys have been molested by (Catholic) priests over the world...' (Geoffrey Robertson, QC, BBC Radio 3, 21st February 2013).