Friday, 1 February 2013

Lord Oystermouth Mumbles

Lord Limpetmouth just does not do it for me, or for Rowan Williams

The retiring Archbishop of Canterbury has made known that his title when he takes his seat in the House of Lords will be Lord Williams of Oystermouth, or Lord Oystermouth for short.

It can now truly be said that Lord Oystermouth Mumbles without, in any way being impertinent to the ABC because, as any Welshman or woman will tell you, Oystermouth is located along a part of the coast called 'The Mumbles'.

Every time we drive down as a family to this delightful part of Wales, as we pass the road sign saying 'Welcome to Mumbles' my youngest daughter and I engage in an unintelligible conversation (yes, I know, just hang on to it please) until Mrs Linen awakes from her slumbers to enquire, somewhat peevishly, it has to be said, what in heaven's name are we talking about?

Cue raucous laughter and a very irate wife; it works every time.

So, Lord Oystermouth will take his place on the Lords' benches (as opposed to The Lord's benches) and join in the form of conversation that the House of Lords is so well known for, it's called mumbles.


  1. Dear Mr Collins, I am getting blocked from this blog with a warning that it contains malware for muniatintrantes.blogspot. perhaps you could look into this problem?

  2. Joshua, many thanks, I am trying to overcome it. God bless.

  3. uh uh uh i'm speechless.