Friday, 8 February 2013

Paris, definitely worth a Mass!

I seem to be constantly banging on about the Latin Mass and also how a Mass celebrated in a church under the rule of the priests Society of St Pius X is, truly, extraordinary.

Why should that be?

Because the SSPX churches only ever host the Latin Mass; the sanctuary is untainted by odd bods who stroll across at various times during the day, no Eucharistic ministers (ever) no female servers, no 'Shine, Jesus, shine' only sacred chant that catapults us back to the plaintive chants of the Jewish priests in the temple.

No one gives a bow when crossing in front of the tabernacle, communion rails are in place - all is  right and proper.

The altar servers are young and competent, the priest reverent and practising full custody of the eyes.

This video clip is from the SSPX church in Paris, St Nicolas du Chardonnet.

A beautiful church and a fitting house for Almighty God - allow yourself an hour or so to pray and enjoy this most moving Mass..........

One of the Youtube commentators makes the following statement:

"If this church in Paris is occupied by the SSPX, GOD BLESS THEM !!! I'd rather go to a Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass like theirs than the diocesan approved Novus Ordo "Mass" in my local parisn in Florida, U.S.A. I don't even go there anymore. The church looks like an auditorium - no statues, a wooden table for an altar, the tabernacle is hidden away in a little corner and their music is worldly and boring. Also, most people go to church wearing shorts and flip-flops. It's just horrible!"


  1. And yet Jesus is made present, Body, Blood, Soul, and Dvinity in both cases...amazing, ain't it?

    1. To Nick D:

      Yes, He is....provided, of course, the priest has the proper intention, that the correct words are used and the correct matter was present. Some rely on the principle of the Indefectibility of the Church on these issues - to the effect that the Church would mystically cover the defect by virtue of its Indefectibility - but that was certainly not the belief in centuries past.

      There are many cases of this but one which comes to mind is that of the renegade priest in 15th century Spain who formed a deliberate intention NOT to confect the Sacrament. His Masses were canonically declared invalid and that declaration was published throughout Spain so that those who went to his Mass were duly informed.

      It would be very rash in my view to automatically assume that everything is on the up and up with your typical Novus Ordo Mass, particularly one said by a dicey priest. I know that a number of priests would disagree with this but I know a number of priests would not disagree with it. It is a delicate matter, yes; all the more reason we should be prudent always.

    2. That is why it's important, on the laity's part, to be educated so that, if they are unable to attend a Mass said by a priest who is very faithful to the Magisterium, but rather by some hippy-dippy liberal, then they can be "on their guard" and make corrections where they need to be made. While I think the people who mess with the validity of the Sacraments are positively idiotic, I don't think our trade-off should be to support a group with a well-known questionable canonical status.

  2. Thanks for this post. I'll watch the video later but I have no doubt of its beauty. If I could, I'd be attending an SSPX Mass over the local NO anyday, everyday.

  3. I watched a Mass in Forida,USA,telecast on EWTN. It was as The YouTube commenter described. And there was a young female, not a child, in a sundress. It is a shame.

  4. My comment was here then disappeared. What I said,here abbreviated, was I've seen what the Youtube commenter described and worse. It is a shame.

  5. "Because the SSPX churches only ever host the Latin Mass.."

    In other words, the way Mass is supposed to be. The way St. Pope Pius V intended Mass to be celebrated until Our Lord's Glorious Return. Hopefully the day will come, doubtfully in our lifetime (I'm 36), when Catholics will look at our time and wonder why Catholics ever had a Mass facing the people and in the vernacular and rife with all sorts of wrongdoing.


  6. Nick D, what Schmenz said. My advice (kindly meant) is to attend an early morning SSPX Mass every day for one week. You will (I believe) be a changed man at the end of 7 days).
    Thanks Elizabeth.
    Anon, I have not touched your comment, I think it got through eventually, many thanks.
    Clinton, it may come (Dv) in your lifetime but not in mine. That is not being morbid, just facing the facts (I'm 37) :)

    1. The only problem is: that's not possible! The SSPX chapel in this here city has only weekend Masses. Believe me, I would take you advice if I could (just to see what it's all about) but the circumstances work against me

  7. St N de C is a breathtaking Church. I was there in '92 and slept over with other young Trads in the Church hall. It's a joy to see so many reverent Catholics still worshiping God in the centre of Paris.

  8. The large congregation shows that :
    -Reverential worship
    -Faithful preaching
    -Faithful priests and people points the way to Christ and thus He fulfils their deep hunger.
    Only so much that emotion happy clappy chappy stuff will do

  9. Sorry, I don't mean to belabor the point,but somehow I never made the point. In response of the YouTube commenter "flip-flops and shorts". The young woman in the sundress(I'll forego a full description} was the reader. No reverence for the Lord. No respect for anyone it seems. This was allowed by the Priest and to top it off televised on EWTN. Someone needed to be paying attention-before the fact-. Sorry everyone. It's late.

  10. Gareth, you have risen even higher in my estimation (if that was possible). Hopefully, we will meet one day at a Latin Mass celebrated in Wales (Dv).
    Gervase,so very true.