Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Good news - an idealogical clone is on order

I am trying to keep out of the melee of comment regarding the Holy Father's resignation and as to whom will replace him but I thought that an article in today's Daily Telegraph was worth a punt.

It states that the likelihood is that an idealogical clone of Benedict will be appointed.

You may not like the terminology but most, I suspect, that read this blog, (all eight of you), will welcome that view.

You may read it HERE.


  1. Only eight? I am working on it Richard, I copy and paste your blogs to those who I think would enjoy them. Hmm, Will work harder as you deserve a large following.


  2. Momangelica, you are too kind. Actually, it's dropped to seven now that the dog has died.

  3. No, it's at least one more - I have been reading and enjoying your blog for around 18 months now. A few times I have wanted to comment in appreciation of a particularly telling post from you but have not seen and easy way to do this. Now, since getting a new phone, I have a google account but will have to dig out the details which I have forgotten. So I hope you will forgive this one anonymous post as I wnated to assure you that there must be other unknown people who read you with enjoyment without necessarily commenting. I rely on you and some other orthodox bloggers to make me feel less isolated in my parish.

    So I do hope you will excuse this one anonymous post as .

  4. It will be psychologically difficult for the cardinals to vote for someone who wants to take the Church in a very different direction than Benedict (??!!)

    Good heavens! These dolts really have no idea what a Pope is actually supposed to do.

    'Different direction', indeed...


  5. Anonymous, thank you, I value your comments greatly.
    Remedia, precisely, I suspect we are going to receive a lot more of that in the weeks to come.