Saturday, 5 January 2013

Will Farm Street end up on Queer Street?

The action taken by Archbishop Nichols to halt the so called gay Masses at the church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, Soho and to transfer the pastoral care of the same sex attraction community to the Jesuits at Farm Street is, at first glance, laudable.

But, as the rumours begin and as my cynicism sets to work, the concern must be, to question if that really is an end to the homosexual Masses or are they merely being transferred.

If the latter is the case then who better to conduct such Masses than the Jesuits, now an order based upon jeans and sweaters rather than the yoke of Christ.

And, if these Masses of exclusion do continue then I hope and pray that the Cardinal's hat does not end up on the coat rack in Archbishop's House.

And, for those who may feel that my choice of wording in the headline to this post is not quite politically in order, let me state that the term "Queer Street" is used to describe getting into a state of disarray, getting in a pickle.

Which is just what Vin Rouge may be doing if he lets the abuses continue.

Time for a Dry Mennini!



  1. If, as many suspect, this action occurred as a result of influence from above, one might hope that a watchful eye will be kept on Farm Street to minimise scandal.

    Or am I being impossibly naive?

  2. Richard, to answer your (headline) question, is seems from what some leading members of the 'Soho Masses' committee have said, as well as from the fact that most of the priests who celebrated 'gay Masses' at Warwick Street were Jesuits, this is exactly what is going to happen. Not closure but promotion to a better venue. (See the evidence gathered by Deacon Nick on Protect the Pope.) Of course, this may be wishful thinking on the part of the Soho Masses... But I have a feeling that a) the dissent will continue and b) the SJs will end up regretting this development.

  3. Mayfair isn't what it was. But I think we have to wait and see.

  4. Article over at Life Site News reports that organisers of the Masses at Warwick Street are just going to continue at Farm Street at 6 15 on Sundays so no change just a different parish.

  5. The Archbishop is flagrantly facilitating this group in its sinful, disobedient behaviour.

  6. Lack of courage!

    Would it be too rude to say we have had women bishops in the Catholic Church for years - bishops without testicles - I was going to use a different word! Pace all you strong women!
    Happy New Year

  7. In relation to the Soho Masses,Eccles and Bosco have a marvellous satire of the Mystery Worshiper reports associated with the Liberal Christian website SHIP OF FOOLS.

  8. Richard,
    Me thinks this might be a case of:"A Rose by any other name will smell as sweet"-or should I say un-sweet!



  9. I thinkNicols gas been ordered, needs to show he's "doing something" but the rot is too deep and will continue.