Friday, 11 January 2013

Jimmy Savile is guilty!

Some months ago when the first, early rumours that Savile might have been involved in some sort of sexual advances on the young and vulnerable first came to light I issued a post stating that "Jimmy Savile is innocent".

And, so he was. He had not been tried by any court of the land, there had been no official inquiry to determine the truth of the rumours and the police had not even begun their investigation.

Now an investigation has taken place and it is evident that the man is guilty of some horrendous sexual and paedophilic activity.

OK, now it can be stated that he is guilty but I stand by my previous post which was issued at the start of a period of media frenzy and outrage. Without any form of trial or inquiry we cannot pronounce on the guilt of an individual.
Of all the organisations concerned, the BBC spewed forth such volumes of cant despite having made a field day out of clerical paedophilia in the past.

But there are no winners here. Those abused may feel that, at last their complaints have been addressed but there is no punishment for Sir Jimmy - other than that he may have brought upon his own head.

I did receive some funny emails from people who thought that I was trying to stage a sort of cover up of the scandal; nothing could have been further from the truth, I just don't like mob law.

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