Tuesday, 15 January 2013

EU rules that you may wear a cross in the workplace provided.......

              .......that it's discreet!

See Protect the Pope for the full story


  1. How in the heck is a cross, a headscarf, or a turban supposed to be disruptive to a work environment? I get that the EU isn't fond of religion, but the atheists I know don't care what sort of religious items people display.

    By the way, in case you don't see my comment on your earlier post, thanks for the blog award!


  2. Simon, you are correct, I was just being lazy but I think it amounts to the same thing.

  3. Yes, the EU has rules regarding its Member States being signed up to various of the Council of Europe's Conventions. And since the Lisbon Treaty, the EU has incorporated itself, made itself a single legal person for such purposes as deciding upon acceptance of European or UN Conventions. Tyranny.

  4. The picture shows a bishop of the Episcopalian Church (USA) in choir dress.