Friday, 18 January 2013

Welcome to BPAS your friendly abortion provider

                                    You won't see this picture on the BPAS website

The BPAS website is a gem of wholesome, nursey type guidance and advice. 

Little would you suspect that what the kind Doctor and gentle nurses want to do is kill the infant in your womb, cut up the body and remove it piece by piece ready for a dignified ceremony known as 'Burial by flushing away'.

The preparation procedures for an abortion are described in the sort of language one might find if you picked up your Great Aunt's copy of  The Lady magazine; refined, restrained and....ermm...discreet?

Here is an extract from their advice as to what the day holds for the woman who is intent on putting herself through this procedure................I've had to zip up the colour of the copy as what I have shown as blood red is, in fact, pink on their site and the blue is a pastel shade also. So calming, pastels. My comments in green.

Can I bring someone along with me? (Well, an infant in your womb would be useful)
We’re happy for you to bring someone along if it helps you. If you are going to have a procedure where you are put to sleep or under sedation, it is advisable to have someone with you who can take you home. Space is a little limited though, so please make sure it’s only one person.
There aren’t any facilities for children (but, I thought that all of the facilities were for children all those shiny scalpels and probes and things) at our clinics so please make arrangements for childcare if necessary.
If you are under 16 (now I'm getting confused; one minute you say 'no children allowed' and then you say you are treating children)
You will need an adult (someone who is 18 or over) to escort you home after your treatment. We are happy for a female adult (this is nothing less than discrimination, what about the poor father, doesn't he have a support role?) to stay with you throughout your treatment with us.  


  1. Will you be joining the 40 days for life Vigil outside BPAS Cardiff this lent?