Thursday, 24 January 2013

A pledge for modern Catholics?

There is much written about how so many Catholics today have either forgotten the basic facts of the Faith or consciously erased them from memory.

                                               Body of Christ, not bread

Attend any Mass in Great Britain and the chances are that you will see blatant disregard for the normal proprietaries of behaviour when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

The major breaches of protocol for me are the loud chatterings before Mass, no genuflections, strolling across the sanctuary with no regard for dress or manner and a general air of disinterest.

What is that symptomatic of?

A loss of belief in the True Presence, a disregard for the authority of the Holy Father and ignorance of the teachings of Christ.

So, just as we have a renewal of our Baptismal vows why not instigate an annual renewal of our "Faith" in the form of a pledge of obedience.

Who would not wish to align themselves with Church teaching and the Holy Father by the annual renewal of their "Faith" vows?

This is my stab at how they might appear:

"I pledge my belief that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God is truly present under the appearances of bread and wine.

I believe in the authority of the Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) and undertake to follow his guidance and counsel at all times.

I undertake to always give due reverence when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament whether revealed or in the tabernacle.

I remember that this church is, at all times, the House of Almighty God and must be treated as such"

Hmm, I know we say as much in the Credo each week but by renewing this on a once a year basis maybe, just maybe, it would impact on the masses - and the Masses.


  1. Good idea! Far far better than the dreaded "Mission
    statement"harping on about "community"blah blah blah.

  2. Richard,
    Excellent suggestion-these pledges ideally and universally could be made on the great feast of Corpus Christi, which would add a greater meaning also!

    God bless,


  3. Richard, I too think this an excellent idea. How can we spread this idea far and wide,and to ones who can put it to action? Taken very seriously by the right persons it is very much possible......p.s is the no anonymous request still in effect?

  4. Maybe Bishop of each diocese should insist on such teaching being the very minimum that MUST be taught in Catholic Schools.
    Incidentally it is a long long time since I read of a reference to the Most Blessed Eucharist in a pastoral!