Saturday, 12 January 2013

Body blow for Cameron as over 1,000 priests speak out

Some 1,054 Priests, Bishops and Abbots have signed a letter in today's Daily Telegraph in opposition to the British Government's plans to introduce so called Gay "Marriages".

This is a profound and historic moment, partly because, at last, real action has been taken (other than prayer) and also because the letter likens Prime Minister Cameron's plans to re-define marriage as being akin to Henry VIII's moves to overthrow the Church ruling regarding divorce and that, if proceeded with, this bill could signal a return to open persecution of Catholics.

The letter argues the fact that, not only would priests be compromised in the pulpit by not being able to teach according to Church law but Catholic teachers, counsellors, chaplains, catechists and others could find their professional careers affected by their stance.

They could also find themselves in breach of the law and penalised or even imprisoned through the judicial system.

These priest are deserving of our prayers and, hopefully David Cameron will pause for reflection.

A full report may be found on Protect the Pope


  1. Well done, those men. I'll be asking my pp if he signed the letter and if not, why not.

  2. Better late than never. The Church should have come out strongly against the recognition of homosexual relationships in the Civil Partnership legislation, which treated homosexual couples in similar way to married couples for most purposes.

  3. This is the only way.....brave and steadfast soldiers of the Lord. Deo Gratias!!!

  4. As others have pointed out, it was not a factional letter. Bishops, abbots, religious, Jesuits, Ordinariate priests, and secular clergy from liberal to traditional signed the letter; I would expect more to sign it, as many were busy when the letter was first distributed over the Christmas holidays.

  5. Whether or not the bill is passed, persecution is upon us now. We are all the CHILDREN OF THE ARBAT; we Catholics know it now and the vague, let's-all-play-nice crowd who let this happen will know it soon enough.