Sunday, 27 January 2013

Psst! Wanna saucy postcard?

Very cheeky, very saucy and, you can send it to David William Donald (Donald?) Cameron to tell him what he can do with his bright idea regarding making same sex "marriage" legitimate.

Thousands of said postcards opposing the proposed legislation on gay "marriage" were available at the back of Catholic Churches throughout the land this Sunday and, hopefully, many of the faithful will fill them in and send them to DC (not AC) via their local Member of Parliament.

Pembrokeshire and the surrounding area has three young, Conservative MPs who have  had promising careers ahead of them prior to Dave waking up one morning with a 40 watt light bulb protruding from his head.

All three MPs are anti gay "marriage" and all are highly likely to be signing on as consultants within the next couple of years if Dave has his way (becoming a consultant is the last retreat for those who cannot get honest work, I know that because I am one).

Hopefully, on Tuesday 29th January, the House of Commons will be awash with postcards from the Catholic electorate. MPs will have to traverse up the mountain of cards and abseil down the other side to arrive at their place on the green benches...well, one can but hope.

I still believe that we should march on Downing Street. The thing that politicians fear most is seeing people taking to the streets in great numbers a la the Paris march a few days ago.

Letters in the press may cause an hour or two of indigestion and the postcards may bring on a brief attack of the vapours in the Cameron household but now he is doing well in the polls, he is just going to dig his heels in and tough it out.

But a march, a Catholic march, even of modest proportions, would give him a severe dose of the screaming heebie jeebies.

And if we had a senior clergyman with some clout at the head of the might witness our dear leader cycling like mad along Whitehall......backwards!


  1. The point about the march in Paris on 13th January, and other marches in France on earlier dates is ...... they quite precisely were not "Catholic marches", and the support given to them by the French bishops was carefully nuanced to avoid giving any such impression.

    Ah, the integrist vision of the Bishops leading and the laity following in short order .....

  2. Joe, it would be good to have fewer "citizens" and more Bishops.

  3. I would love to see the Bishops' Conference as a body march up Whitehall to Downing Street. The rest of us could line the streets and cheer.
    Imagine the effect!

  4. I wish. My church in A&B not only did not have any postcards but SSM has never, ever, been mentioned by the fair trade/justice'n'peace pp.
    Not surprising, really, as when I checked the diocesan website on Friday, nothing.
    Oh, well. Back to self-reliance.

  5. I wasn't offered a postcard. Nor has there been any mention of this sorry business.


  6. Patricius and Genty......your bishops need a good spiritual boot to bring them up to speed. EFPE, I think that would solve the problem once and for all Father.

    1. In all fairness I wouldn't knock my bishop over this. He was one of the bishops who signed the letter to the Telegraph. Looks more like usual rooster in the rafters!

  7. I am just trying to imagine the effect of a Bishops Conference walking up Whitehall .... presumably attired in those square hats with pom-poms to one side and in lace up to the armpits ...... An effect, I suppose, but the one that is needed?

  8. Yes, Joe, that is the effect that is needed. How would you like the Bishops to dress, in Fedoras? Birettas are part of our long line of tradition. We are in the world but not of the world.