Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year Blogger Awards

Some arrived and some departed  in 2012 but I felt that there should be some accolade for Catholic Bloggers who have made an excellent contribution in the past 12 months and, in the absence of any formal body to undertake such a matter, I have produced a list of my personal top ten.

In producing this list I have tried to avoid those who have been blogging for years and, instead focused on the newer blogs (although I am not always certain just how long a blogger has been at it.

I have also avoided priest bloggers as it would be hard to distinguish between them when they are all so excellent and the same applies for my fellow members of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.

So (roll of drums and a quick liturgical shimmy) here is my selection:-

1. Ascending Mount Carmel - Jason has brought a unique and charming aspect to the blogosphere with posts that are often off the wall, witty and yet very much to the point. I particularly liked his analogies with types of beers!

2. The Anti Modernist - the name says it all; good, sound posts, always to the point and the blogger (he or she) lives in Singapore, nice to recognise a non Brit or non American blog.

3. The Unprofitable Servant - ha! I selected this one forgetting that the blogger, Joyce, is late of The Little Way. I should have recognised the careful, moderate and charitable tone. New posts are always devoured eagerly.

4. Costing not less than Everything - we bloggers do love our esoteric titles do we not? "Costing" combines a gentle artistic element and I do enjoy good religious art. Excellent!

5. Eccles and Bosco is Saved - there are not many blogs that make me splutter my coffee all over my keyboard but "Eccles" does it every time, in fact, I am working up a claim for a new computer to replace my coffee covered one. I guess the humour probably does not translate too well across the pond but it leaves me feeling a much better person.

6. Catholic Sacristan - if after reading a post a blog leaves you feeling that you know and like the writer, then it is, in my opinion, a good one. I really liked CS's January 5th post on the conversation between Christ and a Muslim.

7.Bad Catholic - well, who could not fail to warm to a title such as that. Marc has short, snappy posts that are always worth reading.

8. An Honour and a Responsibility - another British blog, phew! A relief to have another Brit on board. "Honour" frequently carries posts on meditations and it is good for me to stop, at times and draw breath to read and absorb.

9. Longbows and Rosary Beads - a little history, a little poetry, what's not to like? As they say in Mill Hill. Pearl draws the USA and Britain closer together with her posts.

10. Button's Blog - an American with a passport! Great! (I think I may have just lost half my readership but it's only cousinly humour you understand?). Patrick has a blog that never fails to capture one's attention, whether he's trekking through Kurdistan or on a hog hunt, the Faith shines through.

Of course, please remember these are only my own top ten, you may have others worthy of LOTH fame, if so, please post on them.

But what would be really good is if an independent organisation undertook to establish an annual awards ceremony. I know that we do not do this thing for any accolade but it is a good and wholesome thing to give recognition and credit where it is due.....maybe someone out there might consider it?


  1. Thank you very much! And continue writing your own very interesting blog!

  2. Richard, my heart is simply warmed by your placing my humble blog on this list - thank you so much.

    Your servant in Christ,
    Jason @ AMC

  3. You and Pearl (Longbows and Rosary Beads) are two of my favorites / favourites; I'm looking forward to the others.

    - Mack in Texas

  4. Thank you Richard, I am humbled. Aside from the honor of being included in your list, I look forward to checking out the blogs of the others listed. I've never been disappointed with any of your recommendations. BTW, lest anyone think otherwise, my devotion to St. Therese is the same as it's always been. The blog name has changed but I'll be doing a little housekeeping sometime soon to feature her more prominently than I do now. God bless you. Joyce

  5. Thank you very much for the recommendation, Richard.I am very pleased and honoured - and humbled to be in such august company.

    However, honesty requires me to let you know that I think I am a member of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma. Happy to be unlisted....

    Best wishes to you and as my dear Bruvver Eccles says, please keep on writing your luvvly blogg.

  6. Ps - those blogs I did not already have on my blogroll are now on there. So, happy blogging!


  7. Sorry Perpetua, I did not realise you were a Guild member. But I still would have included your blog. Richard

  8. Many thanks for the recommendation! Hopefully I can use that passport again soon.


  9. A pleasure Patrick, keep up the great blogging (and travelling). Richard