Thursday, 31 January 2013

Not Pret a Manger!

Deacon Nick on Protect the Pope blog has a post regarding the sandwich chain, Pret a Manger, featuring 'Virgin Mary Crisps' on their menu.

Tasteless, moronic and insensitive, (Pret a Manger, I mean, not the crisps, I'm sure they are very tasty).

Sometimes I wish we were like some other faiths and could express our feelings and outrage by chucking a petrol bomb through the doors of PaM's Head Office or by stringing their CEO up from the nearest crane, but that is not our way, nor should it be anybody's way.

Deacon Nick makes the point that they would not upset the Muslims in such a manner.
My mind immediately flashes to a menu that features Prophetburgers or offers a Mecca Milkshake, such things might upset the Shi'ites you see?

What is to be done? I can't, in all honesty say that I will bring them to their knees by boycotting their establishments, I don't think that I have ever darkened their doorways. Certainly, the nearest branch to me must be over 100 miles distant in Metropolitan Cardiff.

Didn't the Lord ask us to kind to our enemies? And that, by offering up our acts of charity and kindness it would be rather like heaping white hot coals on their heads?

That has a lot of appeal to me. I shall remember Pret and their 'Catholic' CEO in my prayers but I can think of even more charitable ways of following out Our Lord's instructions; we could have flash mobs turning up for coffee and really showing them the power of the Virgin Mary by singing Salve Regina or a few groups saying the Rosary outside their premises - it would be rather grand if Juventutem could lead the way here, except that, I suspect they will be girding their loins ready for the 40 Days for Life vigils.

Maybe a private Rosary is the best one can do; that and being ready not to eat at Pret a Manger.

And, of course, you can always drop them a polite and courteous line or even phone Clive Schlee, their CEO, he is very proud of the fact that he is ready to speak to his customers at any time, his direct line number is 020 7827 8000

Their online complaints service is HERE


  1. I have emailed them a complaint.

    Included in my complaint I suggested that although the CEO may have examined his conscience about his company blasphemously using Our Lady's name he ought to examine his conscience about how other Catholics may feel about his company blasphemously using Our Lady's name.

  2. Sorry, Richard, i can't be bothered to blog it myself. They have now decided to remove the crisps from sale and give any unsold products to homeless charities across the country that they support.

    There! If only the MPs were so attentive to their people that they are supposed to serve!