Thursday, 17 January 2013

How far away is Heaven? As the crow flies

                                              The road atlas 

In the throes of planning a business trip to the North of England I checked the distance online.

The result came back as 4 hours and 53 minutes in terms of time but the distance was only 186 miles - a mere bagatelle to anyone living in Wales.

Further investigation showed that the 186 miles was estimated as a direct line, as the crow flies.

The road mileage was actually almost 300 miles, A mix of A roads, B roads and motorways.

The analogy leapt into my mind instantly; isn't that what the Mass in the Old Rite gives us?

A direct route to Heaven? 

Of course, there is the service station 'Purgatory' for many of us en route but anything that is classified as 'Extraordinary' must have extraordinary outcomes.
By its very nature, it must be 'extra' in some capacity.

Of course, I am not arguing that the OF Mass is invalid, merely that it is 'Ordinary'. 
It is bland and unchallenging when placed alongside the Mass of all Time, the Tridentine Latin Mass.

This sort of statement brings us to the issue of Grace and how Almighty God apportions it.

We cannot know how He does this for sure but let us say, come up with a scenario involving two men who are both good and honest citizens.

One man says one fervent Hail Mary each morning after getting out of bed.

The other also prays after rising but he says the whole Rosary plus a litany or two.

Who receives the most Grace?


  1. Richard,
    Great post as usual-I know for certain its a long narrow hard road to heaven to be sure-much harder than travelling North to God's own counties. However, I will take all the graces, I can get! Nonetheless the is a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale or two waiting for you any time too!



  2. Is this a trick question? Just kidding. This is lovely. Poetic I'd say. Have a good trip.