Sunday, 20 January 2013

There are old Catholics and there are bold Catholics......

......but there are no old, bold Catholics.

I'm sorry to snaffle the old aviation joke but it rings true for the state of the Catholic laity today.

A phenomonen occurred in the wake of Vatican II; seemingly orthodox and conservative Catholics became, within ten years, rabid left wing liberals.

They embraced the new religion much as, in Reformation times, the population embraced Protestantism.

The mantra went up a la Animal Farm, 'New good, old bad' and that has now become so embedded in the liberal psyche that many modern Catholics will challenge the Holy Father and Church Doctrine on all matters that, fifty years ago, would have been obediently accepted.

Old Catholics at Mass

Two comments that I have heard in the past couple of years from liberal Catholics;

"I don't like the Pope"  and, "The Pope's an idiot"

Both are unacceptable and the latter is most certainly untrue. But what is it that provokes such antipathy?

We could now debate the decline in moral values and increase of relativism but that is not really my point. The fact is that those who stand up for the Faith today are not the children of the sixties but the new generation; children of the 80s and 90s.

Modern Catholics at Mass
(Latin Mass Society picture)

Look at the increase in home schooling and then look at the average home schooling family; young, traditional and loyal to the magisterium.

Look at the 70 and 80 year old liberals and you see bitterness, regret, paranoia and the sins of Adam and Eve reflected in their faces; pride, envy and jealousy of God. All are gateways to disobedience.

And, most poignant of all, it is those who follow the liberal theology who are now classed as old fashioned and outdated.

Dancing on the sanctuary, standing to receive in the hand, obliteration of the Sacrament of Confession, chattering in Church, extraordinary ministers - all look as topical as flared trousers and men's ponytails.

Reverence, humility, obedience and the old rite of Mass are all cutting edge.


  1. Exactly.

    Of the 12 to 15 on average who attend daily (OF) Mass at our small college chapel at one of Canada's most secular, i.e., anti-religion campuses, more and more young women are donning the veil.

    And, the number of young men and women attending the EF Liturgy at a local parish confirms what you are saying.

  2. Look at Reformation churches now- split into TraditionaL and modern-sounds familiar ?? What does not help the cause of Christ -and let us be frank Richard proddies worship the same God and believe Christ died for their sins-are the sins of the Fathers-Catholic or Protestant. i refer you to Kate edwards most excellent blog AUSTRALIA INCOGNITIA and the scandal of a Blessed Sacrament Father,who is now here in Melbourne, who had a 14 year sexual relationship with a disabled woman,was stood down and is now back at one of Melbourne's busiest churches . He should be defrocked not only for breaking his vows but for abusing a relationship of trust. I have a friend who has vowed to never attend Mass where a member of the Hierarchy is present.
    Our recusant ancestors would condemn them ,and our Suffering Brethren would perhaps say " we know not these dog collared clowns"

  3. The older people you describe are committed to the world, and to what they think will make them popular or successful in the secularist world.

  4. I think perhaps just as God allowed the Protestant Reformation to happen, He also allowed the "spirit" of Vatican II to happen as well. In both cases, there was a sort of shake out of those who readily departed from orthodox Catholic doctrine and praxis when they were presented with something novel.


  5. Gervase, I agree totally, there appears to be a lack of comprehension regarding clerical abuse on the part of the Bishops. I do read Kate Edwards excellent blog. Lynda, you are so right. Clinton, yes, certainly God allowed these events to take place. Such happenings are very good tests of Faith.


  6. Wendell, that is really very heartening. God bless.

  7. The old folks at Mass just followed the liberal agenda of the radical theologians and mal-formed clergy. They now promote their silly behavior in church as friendliness and us-centered worship. Sad, because these are the same people who once knew the reverence,dignity and august beauty of the Mass. To see these same jabberwockies yucking it in front of the Blessed Sacrament is offensive to the Lord and gives bad example to the young.

  8. I disagree with your premise. There are many of the "old folks" who became liberals, but many did not, and suffered until the end of their lives due to the insipid excuse for the mass and the sacraments that replaced the pre-Vatican II Church. I myself have felt that we were abandoned by the Church for 40 years, until I finally found a home in a Byzantine Church. When I found a Latin mass said by a Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter I wept during the consecration because I knew, finally, that the authentic liturgy of my childhood was restored. Here was an authentic liturgy that truly gave God legitimate worship and called down the graces of heaven on us.
    I caution you to paint everyone with the same brush. You obviously did not live through that period, nor did you experience the despair of having no viable alternatives to the pablum and heresy that was dished out to the faithful in the name of the Church.


  9. Byzcat, the overwhelming majority became liberals. Only a few remained isolated and alone. I did live through that period and we removed ourselves and our children from the Novus Ordo because it was enshrined in all sorts of antics. Please read my post again and, hopefully, you will see the point that I am making.

  10. Get over it, the Latin Mass will never come back! One of the reason for second Vatican council was because the church was losing many to other denominations. No one understands or speaks Latin, why would you want to bring it back! Fact, Mexico has a literacy rate of about 40 percent...why do do insist on leaving them out! How are they going to participate!


  11. Anonymous, thank you for your comment but it is quite incorrect. Numbers were not declining as the stats show clearly. You do not need to understand or speak Latin, every missal has a side by side translation but you do not even need to be able to read, you gain great grace just by attending and praying independently. Mexican peasants (and English ones for that matter) have coped very well with Latin for centuries, they participate by being there and by joining in with whatever prayer or meditation suits them best. And, finally, the Latin Mass is well on its way back and will surpass the OF Mass as being the standard within the next 15 to 20 years.

  12. Disagree, the most solemn and important part of the mass is the great sacrifice of Our Lord not the Latin language. The masses that can not write or read will be abandoned and will not participate. It is difficult to participate when you do not understand what is being said!

  13. Anonymous @ 13.32 are you aware of the problems caused by Mass in the vernacular in countries such as Africa and India where as many as 12 or 15 different languages exist side by side? And even in Belgium and Spain?
    What happpens is fragmentation and a form of apartheid where Tamils only speak to Tamils and Urdu speakers only to others of that tongue. Latin unifies and that is a critical part of the Mass. Please use a name or pseudonym in futre, many thanks. Richard

  14. Thank you, you made my point. Translate all those languages is a ridicules idea. Why reinvent the wheel! Fortunately the old and nostalgic clergy are leaving the church. Nothing unifies more than basic communication skills. As I first mention, focus on Christ not Latin.