Saturday, 26 January 2013

Funny old world

                                     Liberal Catholics wail and shriek

During the reign of Pope John Paul II, liberal Catholics would wail and shriek that they were in the grip of a traditional conservative who wanted to stamp out all that was warm and cuddly in the Faith.

Now, they look back with affection at Blessed John Paul II and recall "the good old days" while they wail and shriek that they are now in the hands of a traditional, conservative, Pope Benedict XVI.

Just wait till we get a real, conservative, traditional pope a la Pope
St Pius X......then we could all wail and shriek.


  1. Praying and waiting.

  2. Today at a garage sale I bought for $3 a Saint Pius X Daily Missal / School Edition. The language is mostly English, with some of the prayers also in Latin. On a flyleaf is written, in ink, "Joseph Richard, 3026 Wardmont, Houston 16 Texas." A little cross made of construction paper, dated February 20, 1957, tells us that Joseph was in the 5th grade of Assumption School.

    Given the content and the number of pages, over a thousand, this school edition is not a baby-book; 5th graders were taught their faith and a bit of Latin. Now CCD is all about picture books with small words in big print. We can return to meaningful instruction for our young people, and must.

    I wonder where Joseph is now, and how his boyhood missal found its way to the woods of rural East Texas.

    1. Mack Hall, HSG
      What a lovely story. I remembered Joseph Richard in Mass this morning.

  3. It is amusing how liberals see Pope Benedict XVI as some kind of traditionalist. He is conservative, more so I would say than Pope John Paul II, but if he was a traditionalist, Latin Mass would be restored as the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite and all these novelties (Communion in the hand, altar girls, EMOC's,etc.)would be done away with. If we were so blessed to have another Pope as St. Pius X, the modernists and liberals would throw the biggest nutty.

  4. Richard,
    Great post as usual-Clinton R, I agree with your sentiments entirely! However,I do firmly believe that H.H Pope Benedict XV1 to be the greatest Pope since Pope Pius X11. If only His Holiness would reveal the true Third Secret of Fatima and do what Our Lady of Fatima requested in its entirety what a change there would be both in the Church and in the World, especially World Peace!

    God Bless,


  5. Forgive my lack of knowledge concerning this subject, but aren't the followers of the Society of St. Pius X currently in schism with the Roman Catholic Church? The big issue with the SSPX being that the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, ordained four bishops without papal approval? This issue leaves me nervous to embrace a whole sense of Pope Pius X traditionalism because I don't know where current members line up with the Magisterium and being in communion with the Catholic Church.

    Pope Pius X is an incredible saint (such as his work with allowing children to have their first communion earlier). Yet traditional Catholicism doesn't mean just establishing the Latin Mass as Ordinary form - it means taking away the fluff-stuff and warm-'n-fuzzies and establishing a solid knowledge (learn it, love it, live it) of one's own Catholic faith. This is something that Pope Benedict the 16th is really striving to do.

  6. To have TIME to wail n shriek I'fd hafter give up internetsurfing n writing piffling comments.