Monday, 6 August 2012

Stop the world, I want to get off

A perfectly sound and good petition aimed at respectfully requesting the Holy Father to say Mass in the Extraordinary Form soon (but it would be sensible if possibly it could take place at a traditional pilgrimage due to be held in November)...has ruffled a few feathers.

Not among the charismatic camp, or the camp camp but among the traditional camp.

It appears that an organisation formed expressly, in 1964, to protect liturgical abuse in the Church (hats off! what a great job they have done!) feels that they are being associated with this petition.

Ahem. Just run that past me once more.

A traditional organisation is upset because they think they might be associated with a good initiative to restore the Latin Mass.....right, time for a quiet moment I think.

Well no one, as far as I am aware, has mentioned this nameless organisation. So what is going on?

I checked the background to the group and find that they are a  sort of federation of organisations that includes the various Latin Mass Societies around the world.

Oh well, that it explains it then.

And please, please, give the petition a shove on your blog. It is a perfectly reasonable exercise and it is not connected in any way to U no who!

Here is the link:

Just click on this word: PETITION


  1. Totally mystified!
    Signed the petition.

  2. Thanks Sandy. Very reassuring for me.

  3. God bless your constant work.

  4. I'm totally mystified too!

    Signed the petition.

    Mack in Texas, where the Mass in Latin would help unify our Spanish-, Vietnamese-, French-, and English-speaking populations.

  5. Interesting state of affairs.

    However, I'm a little (ok a lot) dense this evening. Which organization is afraid of being tainted with this initiative?

    BTW: Signed up last week.

  6. Tradical and Mack. Thank you both. Una Voce and its host organisation FIUV, do not believe that putting pressure (like a petition) on Rome works. In fact, they claim, it is counter productive. UV was formed in order to fight against liturgical abuse. The rest I leave to you. God bless.

  7. Lynda, many thanks and God bless.

  8. You guys are the best, thanks for your sense of humor!

  9. The organisation appears to be infected by Cleggism. Always a danger if you believe you have sole charge of the keys to conscience.

  10. Richard,
    When I read the post concerned I was totally astonished and dismayed-it was a rather churlish comment to make-I also thought All Traditional Latin Mass Groups etc were singing from the same hymn sheet-apparently not? The more petitions of this nature the better! Keep up the great work and cause you are fighting for!

    God Bless,


  11. I think it would be unfair not to acknowledge also the many great achievements of Una Voce

  12. I have signed the petition. It is, after all, only a request. The Holy Father knows what he can or can't manage to do, for reasons only he can know. No harm in asking, and then leaving it up to him.

  13. Dorothy B, that is the stance that I take. God bless.
    EFPE - I agree Father but I need to find out what their achievements are.

    1. Te Officials in Rome have several times acknowledged the work and helpful input of Una Voce, particularly in drawing attention to abuses and mistranslation.

  14. Thanks Tancred, enjoying your blog, as ever. Genty - classic!Michael, bless you for your generous support.