Friday, 10 August 2012

Would you like to support Fr Z in joining the Guild meeting?

I stress that this is an initiative undertaken without Fr Z's permission so I hope all is well as far as he is concerned.

                              Dollars, Pounds or Dongs......all are acceptable!

We do know that he would like to join the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma and others at the blognic that will be held on Saturday 15th September commencing with an EF Mass at St Wilfred's Chapel in the London Oratory.

A Reluctant Sinner has started the fund with a donation and I have followed suit.

At this stage it is a pledge and if you would like to send me the amount you would wish to contribute, I will log it and keep a running tally - if it looks likely that Fr Z is going to buy his ticket (the airline one I mean), then I will call in the pledges or, it may be easier to pay on the WDTPRS site (much easier).

By my reckoning the air fare alone is around £600 so we have a bit of a hill to climb.

Pledges will be gladly received from all nationalities, not just Brits, so please have a go and let me have the amount you would be prepared to donate.
Contact me please on:


  1. Why don't you just link to the relevant Fr. Z donation page? Much simpler!!


  2. Thanks Mac, I suppose I am just thinking that, if we only raise £50 and he doesn't come, how do we return the dosh?

  3. I'll pledge £50. The air miles offer still may be that Fr Z could use them to top up donations to buy the air ticket.

  4. Floreat, I rather think that Mac is right and that we should just go to Fr Z's site and donate via his system, I shall do that. I am not sure if air miles are transferable but cash certainly is.

  5. "all nationalities...". That means me! :)

    I do not use online facilities but will contact you direct with a pledge to hand over to you on the day, Richard.

    God bless