Saturday, 11 August 2012

If you oppose the world, this is what you can expect

A brave Catholic priest recites his Rosary surrounded by a mob vilely taunting and abusing him.

The link back to the Via Dolorosa is profound indeed and this priest carries his cross as Christ carried His; alone and surrounded by detractors.

If you pray with the Forty Days for Life group or, if you oppose homosexual "marriage" or, if you stand up for the freedom to live your spiritual life without State intervention, you can expect to receive this treatment.

It is violent, nasty and cowardly.....par for the course.

Remember this priest in your prayers, he is a beacon and we need more like him.

H/T The Eponymous Flower


  1. Thanks for posting! We live in Illinois and sometimes see Father O'Reilly at various pro-life activities. He is a great "warrior" priest!
    I was so surprised to see this on your blog, as we never saw or heard anything about it.

    Keep up your great work on this blog!



  2. A priest after the Order of St. Melchizedec and also after the order of St. John Fisher. May be all have some of his courage.

  3. What a shocking and hate-filled attack. God bless Fr O'Reilly, a brave and humble warrior for Christ.

  4. Behold the disciples of the new world order, as they grunt out steaming mounds of inclusiveness and tolerance.

  5. this reminds me of the deomons Jesus encountered from time to time. Calling out to him to go away In one account he alloweed them to enter a herd of swine and destroy themselves. These haters have satan among them chering them on and they don't even know it. How sad