Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"What will you do with my heart O Welsh Assembly?"

Anyone who has a fascination for dull, tedious and boring occupations (such as watching paint dry or waiting for a stone to move) may also be interested in observing the Welsh Assembly Government in action (if that is the right word) on their televised proceedings.

It is as though all those charged with the welfare and education of us poor sinners in Wales, are being drip fed on Mogadon and Prozac.

Proceedings are slow and cumbersome and they all address each other by Christian  first name and that just leads to an unchallenging and dull environment and outcomes.

But, someone must have given them a caffeine boost because they (the Assembly Members - AMs) are now
determined to lay claim to our fundamental organs, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and are proposing to make it legitimate for the state to grab whichever bit of us they fancy after our death (hopefully, after our death, that is).

They have no right to do this and so, if you are a Welsh man or woman or, like me a poor Sais living in Wales, you might care to protest at such a Maoist policy.

If so, please read this and make your views felt by registering a protest - thank you SPUC and thank you Jeff P for bringing it to my notice.

Please click HERE


  1. I have Welsh ancestry (12.5%) and I object most strongly. I will of course write and protest.

    Furthermore, I hereby resolve so to pickle my organs in Pan Tadeusz (vodka) and Jack Daniels that they will be unusable. There!

    God bless!

  2. As a vaguely relevant and conceivably amusing aside, I once met a chemist who worked for International Paints and her job was, literally, watching paint dry...

    But I don't remember her as being Welsh.

  3. On a more serious note, they won't be interested in your heart after you die; it's only any good for transplant if removed while beating.

    Thus they have redefined 'death' to mean 'while you are still alive' in order to allow for this inconvenient fact.

    I have posted on this a few times, most recently here: http://ccfather.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/organ-donation-another-assault-on-life.html

  4. Can anyone be surprised that there is now a move by the state to claim ownership of the the recyclable components of society? In so many instances we have submitted to collectivisation; what is good for one all is good for one. Everyone must be told the same thing at the same time in the same way regardless of whether individuals may be ready because evidence shows that this is best for the population as a whole. The treatment for your malady is this regardless of how you react because the studies have shown that is, across a population most effective. This form of education benefits most, that form of benefit etc. How can Society tell that this is not the correct approach? After all, Society supports contraception, abortion, discrimination against genetic difference and what resistance is there? The church will only baptise those who have been born; it celebrates Christmas rather than the Annunciation; in utero death and stillbirth are sad and until recently these souls were consigned to limbo because it seems harsh to send them to Hell!
    How can we complain when we do not stand with these souls? How can we complain at the other end of life when our priests no longer visit the sick in hospital but send the chaplaincy team to bring them communion? The Sacrament of the Sick is now by prior appointment. Be organised in your infirmity and don't send for the priest, book in with him after all there is always plenty of time. Father is too busy saying mass, marrying people, baptising people hearing confession to rush to the hospital and after all we are short of priests. Without out the support of the family and the reminder of the Respect due to the human body, small wonder if the organs are not seen as more important than the individual.
    NB heart transplants can take place after the donor heart has stopped- the success rate is however lower.


  5. LF - heart pickled in vodka or Jack Daniels sounds tempting! Ben, sorry for your friend and, yes, you are right, a dead heart is useless.

  6. Gosh, my sister lives in Wales! I wonder if she knows about this? She may do, for after living there for over 40 years she's decided to move to England.

  7. I'm not over there, I'm all the way over here, but as for whether they get your parts before or after you're dead, most organs are useless after the donor dies. They just call folks dead before they are. This issue is central to the times we live in. Organ pirating is where euthanasia meets human trafficking. So, can I, an American, participate in this protest, or would they not care what I think from way over here?


  8. Jean, many thanks, I'm sure your sister is eligible to register a view. Therainyview - you are right and, I am sure a comment from across the pond would be appreciated. Richard