Saturday, 4 August 2012

Good news - bad news!

The good news is.........we are all guaranteed a place in heaven.......hats in the air! Hip hip and all that.

The bad news is......we have to be martyred first......chizzle, there's always a catch.

But...but....the issue may soon be out of our hands. Yes, we can all gain our martyr's crown easily and painlessly  easily thanks to rampant secularism, David Cameron and his mate, B Obama Esq..

It will be simple and the actual messy bit may be over pdq and with little or no pain.

How? Easy. If any Catholic objects to abortion, euthanasia, IVF, homosexual "marriage", Porno education in schools, sex and violence in the media all the state has to do is handcuff you, rough you up a bit, (nothing too GBH-ish) and then stick a needle in your arm so that you drift off within 15 seconds or so, depending how strong a barbiturate potassium solution the vet has used.

When you wake up you are on cloud nine, literally.

So, we have nothing to complain about; the state is working hard on our behalf and paracetomol is our route to paradise.

Prime Minister Cameron believes that the church is "locking out" gays.......

Extract below from Charisma News (what?) - notice that when mentioning Gay "marriage" CN omits the quotation marks.

"Same-sex marriage isn't just an American issue. The battle is also raging in Europe, even in the political ranks.
Case in point: England's prime minster's Tuesday night comments about the church "locking out" gays because of its support for traditional marriage. Speaking at the Downing Street reception for gay leaders, Prime Minister David Cameron said he was proud to be following in the tradition of Tony Blair by redefining marriage.
“The prime minister’s sneering remarks show his own intolerance for religious people who disagree with him on gay marriage," says The Christian Institute's Mike Judge. "It is incredibly arrogant of him to tell churches what religious beliefs they should and shouldn’t hold. No wonder huge swathes of churchgoers are suspicious of his motives."
Just hours earlier, Judge noted, Cameron was entertaining the queen, who is the supreme governor of the Church of England.
“As for following in the tradition of Tony Blair, the labour prime minister passed laws which closed down faith-based adoption work, led to Christian registrars being sacked and Christian B&Bs being fined," Judge says. “Is that the tradition that Mr. Cameron so proudly wants to follow? He’s going the right way about it, because redefining marriage would put supporters of traditional marriage right in the firing line."

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  1. Martyrdom can happen in many not being understood by friends who are less than keen about the Faith

    by being passed up for promotions or even fired, if the situation one stands up for is serious enough

    by being faithful even when things look bleak

    We do not choose this, however, it is assigned to us.

    Good post.