Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The best post of the year

I often complain (or whinge) about the lack of Latin Masses in Menevia and the distance that the faithful have to travel to attend one.

       Not a Latin Mass in sight

Not any longer. I read the current post on the blog 'A Catholic Comes Home' and felt very privileged, spoilt even.

You see, we have the makings of a community here in West Wales, not many of us, probably about twenty or so all told (many more in the Confraternity of the Holy Cross but not all are local).

But twenty good souls and true count for a lot.

I do remember the bleak, dark days of 1988 when there was no EF Mass and no EF Mass Catholics to be had for 200 miles or so. And that lasted for over 12 years.

But ACCH lives in a pleasant county of England that is also a black hole as far as TLMs are concerned. There are good Dominican sisters nearby but they do not have the Latin Mass  in their chapel.

If you read A Catholic Comes Home's excellent post about attending an OF Mass in her parish you will see precisely what she is up against.

Say a prayer for the Diocese of Portsmouth that, with the aid of their new Bishop, the Mass of all Time will be restored.

Here is ACCH's post........A Catholic Comes Home

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  1. So many,many,Thanks Richard.You dont know how your words cheer me.