Saturday, 11 August 2012

Keep the pledges coming (please)

The plan to provide Fr John Zuhsldorf with funds to buy his airline ticket so that he may join the Guild of Blessed Titus Catholic Bloggers Mass, meeting and blognic, is working!

We have already received pledges totalling £135.00, only £465.00 to go.

With your aid we can make it.

                                          There is also an incentive scheme for pledges

Why is this important?  Don't we have a goodly supply of blogging priests in this country?

Indeed we do and we are blessed to have several as members of the Guild (Fr Medley and Fr Boyle - I think that's all, always room for more) and we have the great Fr Tim Finigan as our Chaplain.

But we are the Church in England, not the Church of England and we are Universal! We are Catholic!

So that means it doesn't matter if you come from Honolulu or Haverfordwest, whether you are black or slightly off-white, or all shades in between - we are one!

And to have such a great blogging priest as Fr Z at our Blognic would be both a joy and a privilege - and, by the way, any other priest reading this is more than welcome to join us and the same applies to lay bloggers, commentators and new technology users.

Now the moment you have been waiting for (roll of drums) may still contribute by making a payment, no matter how small (or large) on Fr Z's it is WDTPRS - the  'Donate' button is on the rh side (I'm not clever enough to link direct).

But...please remember to let me know the amount you send so that we can keep tabs on how near or far we have to strive. Drop me a line on and keep it as anonymous as you wish, no use will be made of names or contacts.

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