Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sorry but I just can't stand noisy Masses

It's....the rustle of the vestments...deafening. And then when the priest opens the altar missal - aargh! my eardrums.

But if you really would like a noisy Mass, come tomorrow, on the Feast of The Assumption,  to The Church of The Sacred Heart in Morriston, just outside Swansea.

We are having a Sung Mass......but you won't need earplugs......we have The Newcastle Emlyn Schola and their angel voices.


  1. I prefer quiet Masses too, but each to his own, as long as Rome approves I say.

  2. A beautiful Mass, lovely, reverent.

    The only thing that makes it unnatural to me are the different camera angles shown, since I'm so used to seeing our celebrant's back! It was a long time before I recognised his face, but then I wasn't there to look at Father, but the Lord.

    With all the beauties of a Sung Mass, I have to admit usually the quiet of the Low Mass stirs my soul more. Thanks very much for sharing this.