Thursday, 9 August 2012

And after the Feastday Mass - a feast!

I was prompted, by Fr Tim Finigan's post (see HERE) to remind all about the Latin Mass in England for the great feast of The Assumption, that we, here in wild and woolly Wales, also have a Latin Mass on that great day.

                                                       Source: The Hermeneutic of Continuity

It is, in fact, the ONLY EF Mass to be celebrated in Wales on 15th August.....shame on you Cardiff and Wrexham.
What are you thinking of? A country of an estimated 250,000 Catholics and it can only lay claim to one TLM on this great feast of Our Blessed Mother?

It's a real SP failure, I mean, of course, a Supremely Pathetic failure.

Cardiff has a relatively new Archbishop and Wrexham a very new Bishop, time for them to follow the lead of the Bishop of Menevia (Thomas Burns) and extractum digiti (or whatever).

But...I nearly forgot the good news......Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the parish of the Sacred Heart, Morriston, just outside Swansea at 12 be followed by a bunfight feast of decorous proportions.

All solvent and insolvent Catholics and those interested in the Catholic Faith are welcome...but bring a pork pie or something in the way of a provender contribution.

You will meet an array of interesting folk from all walks of life and also have the chance of kicking a Catholic blogger in the shins!

Of course, you may also wish to bring what in Somerset they used to call a bit of "O be joyful" - whatever that may mean.

* Please note: I have been informed that there will be a 7pm EF Mass at Abergavenny on 15th August but, sorry to appear ungrateful, that is not an appropriate time for families with children.

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