Monday, 6 August 2012

How to reverse inertia and make the Mass (and the Faith) reappear

I have received a goodly amount of encouragement from private emails, in support of developing a thread aimed at restoring the Faith in Great Britain, faster and in a totally orthodox fashion.

I am thinking on it, as they say. I have a few concepts to reveal, possibly tomorrow if my brain allows and if I am spared, DV.

I have been spurred on by the comments and emails of support and, in particular, by this one from a Catholic Mother:

"Stepping from inertia to movement is the responsibility of us all. 
Some will be able to reach many people through a wide readership
 of the blogs whilst others may have to petition Bishops and priests.

 For others, it may be gently challenging friends and family in our parishes. 

But...each of us must do something - ask yourself the questions' 
do my children know the Real Presence; have they experienced a Corpus 
Christi procession; Forty Hours devotion or Benediction? 

Count me in!" 

Thank you Elaine


  1. Overcoming inertia is important. However, even more important is changing direction. If only we had stopped that would have been better. Instead we threw open the doors and windows; we through out beauty and replaced it with the banal; we jettisoned music and replaced it with noise; no more silk when we can have polyester.
    We now live with the fruits of modern catechesis. Who made you? I made myself. Why were you made? I was made to be happy in this world by asserting my rights and fulfilling my desires so that I can realise my full potential as a person of the world. We complain of translation but fail to approach the mystery of our faith.
    Not all is darkness. In places the love of God is preached fearlessly. Shrewsbury speaks. Hear a Bishop speak of Marriage as God intended rather than reacting to Societies demand for paradox. Hear a Bishop speak of the experience of a generation, "For a generation before you so often failed to pass on those directions, the fullness of our Catholic faith which in Isaiah’s words at every crucial turn of our lives tells us, “this is the way, follow it!” And Sunday has often become the end of a “weekend” rather than the beginning which the Lord’s Day becomes for everyone who finds their way to Him."
    Soon the See of Portsmouth will be privileged with a paragon of orthodoxy. A fire has been lit and is spreading. Let us hope that light will spread: East Anglian, Brentwood, Leeds, Salford, Liverpool must all soon undergo renewal. The fallow field has had the wind blow in and out for fifty years; the time has come to understand the words of the Spirit spoken in the Council. Sufficient time has passed to see what new forms have grown; sufficient time has passed to distinguish between those that should be cultivated and those that should be uprooted and burned. Some of the things that have grown have produced fruit that is nourishing and beneficial; some of the things that have grown have consumed resources and energy but brought no benefit while others have obscured and hindered. However, some of the growths have been toxic; their fruit has been poison and many have been hurt and harmed. For these growths there is not merely the responsibility to uproot and burn but to heal and treat the harm that they have done. Some of these growths are too toxic even to burn as the fumes carry poison. For these there is no easy remedy: fire spreads the danger; bury them and they will grow back perhaps the only hope for the worst growths of the fallow time is to bundle them together and throw them in the sea perhaps with some great weight in the hope that they sink into the abyss where they belong.
    Support the noble Bishops and challenge those that sit by while their Sees are polluted and the slick of contamination leaves a Rainbow film on the surface.
    Lord send us priests.
    Lord send us holy priests.
    Lord send us many holy priests and bishops.

  2. om
    Thanks Omphalomanancer, all good stuff but too, too slow.

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