Thursday, 2 August 2012

Now you don't see it - now you do!

Subliminal advertising is banned in this country and a good thing too.

For those unfamiliar with the term it refers to (normally) a TV commercial where an image is incorporated into the message but, so briefly that the human eye appears not to see it.

The image is, however, registered by the brain and, as a result, the unwitting recipient invariably responds as the image demands.

So, a seemingly innocuous ad for a family car may show nano second shots of a  brand of cigarettes or a blend of whisky resulting in the shopping trolley being loaded up with same on the next visit to the supermarket.

Think what Hitler or Mao would have given for an opportunity such as that.

And think what good we could do with it also. We could have margarine commercials with flashes of EF Masses being celebrated and snatches of plainchant.

Car tyre ads, so dull and banal, could be interspersed with the words 'Summorum Pontificum must be obeyed' or 'Every parish must have a Latin Mass every Sunday'.

This could be the answer, if only there was a Catholic Advertising Agency that would cooperate.....and if the law could be changed.

Meanwhile, it's back to the brick by brick approach.

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