Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Are you sitting comfortably?.....

.......a glass of Tesco whisky in your hand, your Nationwide bank statement in the other and, afterwards, a stroll down the street to your local Starbucks for a cup of disgusting coffee!

                                   Pink beer will make you feel................ill?

But....did you know that all of those companies gave a massive wadge of money to support homosexual shenanigans?

Yes, they did.

Well, it's a free world, or so we are continually told.

And the LGBT organisation would go along with that (and that's not the London, Guildford and Brighton Tram Company) - it stands for something quite different, literally.

So now we can enjoy the fruits of the free world and drink Morrison's whisky, bank at Lloyd's and buy coffee at an independent cafe (Casa Maria's in Pembrokeshire actually makes the best coffee in the world, sorry Mystic Monks, I've yet to try yours).

I like free world choice! I just hope that Brains Brewery doesn't go pink on me!

Photo: Brainard Brewing

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  1. Sadness in the USA: as of today Catholic institutions -- which means Catholics -- must contribute to the murder of children under the euphemism of "Health and Human Services Mandate."

    1 August 2012 - The Euphemism Mandate

    That which was forbidden from Genesis
    Was then gently, tolerantly permitted
    And later, under subtle laws, required.

    Rendering unto Moloch, today we pay

    For the fires to sacrifice our children
    For the bullets for our executions
    For the grave of civilization

    Iesu mercy

    - Mack