Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What is rarer than an Essex Lion?

Well, an Essex EF Mass, of course. 

                                          Easier to find than an EF Mass

In the great and massive Diocese of Brentwood they have just one Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form - and that's at 4pm on a Sunday!

There have been more sightings of the now infamous "Essex Lion" than there have of a Latin Mass; pity those poor Brentwoodians who know little or nothing of the Motu Proprio, or the fact that the Holy Father wishes for guitars and similar instruments of the street to be cast out into the street or that he wishes for the Faithful to kneel and receive the Body and Blood of Christ by mouth.

Just for the record, Brentwood has 131 parishes and Mass Centres. One out of one hundred and thirty one is pretty dire.
I would have sacked any staff member who showed a similar lack of achievement.


  1. Dear Richard

    According to the LMS Mass Listings ( there are more Masses (not many, but some)....including a beautiful Mass in Canning Town every Sunday.



  2. Claire, when I checked earlier there was only one. Now there are two, one at 4pm and one at 6pm. If an OF Mass was offered at those times there would be an outcry. Not good enough in my book.

  3. "I would have sacked any staff member who showed a similar lack of achievement."
    Have you seen Fr Ray blake's Post(Canary in the mine) ending similarly, but with the idea of outsourcing Bishops rather than priests? One can write to Rome...


  4. Mike, yes, I've seen Fr Ray's fine post. And a very good idea it is.

  5. We have EF once a month at Leigh-on-Sea (it's tomorrow in fact) thanks to my parish priest, Fr. Kevin Hale. There are also the Norbertines in Chelmsford and Fr. Stewart Forster who says the EF in Canning Town. I know of at least one other priest, Fr. James Mackay, who isn't thirty yet, and says the EF. He has been stationed at the Cathedral until recently, I think he has been sent to look after the yoof now, so maybe he will introduce them to the wonders of the EF? He gave a lovely homily when he covered here for Fr. K at one EF where he explained how the EF had taught him so much about saying the Novus Ordo. All things considered, we don't do too bad, you can probably get to an EF somewhere in the diocese on any given Sunday, if you were determined enough. I would like to see it one Mass every week in my own parish, but although Fr. K is keen, he reckons there's just not the support for it.

    I agree that there's not been much teaching or preaching on the Summorum Pontificum (sadly). To be honest, I never thought Bishop Thomas would allow the EF, so was very pleased when he did, credit where it is due! It is clear that it is not Bishop Thomas' favoured direction, however, and it will be very interesting to see what happens when the new Bishop is appointed, I have heard Fr Alexander Sherbrooke mentioned as a possible??!! That would be nice!


  6. "Not enough support for it" - they trot out the same old mantra. It's like asking for a product in a shop only to be told: "There's no call for it". Thanks Mark.

  7. Sorry Richard, me again. No EF in Brentwood? Have you seen this?


  8. Mark, don't apologise. Sorry, I can't locate the Facebook reference.
    When I posted on this I checked the LMS listings and they indicated only one Sunday EF Mass.

  9. Try the Norbertine blog here:

    It has a link to the Facebook gallery. There are some really stunning pictures of Fr. Rupert's first Mass this weekend just past, which I thought you might like. With regard to your comment about LMS listings, the EF is indeed quite a rarity here in deepest, darkest Essex, but there are a few more being said than are noted on the LMS site. I'm not altogether sure why that is. I could probably get an extensive list together if you, or anyone else, was interested. You might be interested to note the chief celebrant at Fr. Rupert's Ordination Mass as well!


  10. Mark, thanks for the link but I think that is not Fr Rupert McHardy, he has been ordained for some years. Re LMS Mass listings, there is a serious issue here as they only appear to feature "LMS" Latin Masses. We do need a comprehensive information service that displays all EF Masses regardless of who organised them. Sadly, I seem to only travel through Essex and then by train and very occasionally, but thanks for the offer.