Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ten ways to give the devil the shoe horn

The world appears to grow madder at every minute.

                                                        "It was all going so well....and then 
                                                         Catholic bloggers came along"
Unborn children are slaughtered out of hand,  men "marry" men and women "marry" women whilst supposedly good Catholics in the public eye (and out of it) reject the teachings of Holy Mother Church to further their political ends.

Priests and Bishops trip over themselves to give witness at the altar of political correctness and climate warming and the guidance of the Holy Father is scorned and ignored by many who should know better.

The devil is having a field day and must have taken up golf having so much free time on his hooves.

The world is going to hell in a handcart (whatever that may mean) and Satan is considering early retirement, job done!

But....not just yet, Sonny Jim, there are a few actions that we can take that will ensure that the fightback will commence in earnest.

Just ten simple steps and you reduce Satan to a quivering blob of iniquity; here they are:-

1. Say the Rosary - daily

2. Renew your baptismal vows every week before Mass*

3. Say the St Michael prayer daily

4. Make a daily penance, just a simple act, nothing along the flagellation lines

5. Buy your parish priest a copy of the CTS 'Manual of Minor Exorcisms'

6. Abstain from buying/reading The Tablet/Cath News/National Catholic Fishwrap

7. Pray for the Holy Father

8. Keep a font of holy water in your home

9. Display a crucifix in your home

10. Pray for those who, in their last days on earth, fear death so much that
      they reject the Last Rites of Holy Mother Church

* Renouncing Satan

Priest: N., do you renounce Satan? Priest: N., abrenuntias Satanæ?
Sponsor/Catechumen: I do renounce him. Sponsor/Catechumen: Abrenuntio.
Priest: And all of his works? Priest: Et omnibus operibus eius?
Sponsor/Catechumen: I do renounce him. Sponsor/Catechumen: Abrenuntio.
Priest: And all his pomps? Priest: Et omnibus pompis eius?
Sponsor/Catechumen: I do renounce him. Sponsor/Catechumen: Abrenuntio.


  1. Excellent Richard. God bless you!

  2. You've done a great service with this post Richard, thank you. I would the New York Times to your list of publications to avoid.

  3. Richard,
    Excellent post in recommending the above Sacramentals-there is no-doubt that Satan is having a field day because of the lack of use of these aids in Catholic's homes over the last forty years or so! Maybe Priests who read your post should reflect and preach on the importance that there usage are very much needed today than ever before also!

    God Bless,


  4. I agree totally Richard. I try to do them all except 2 and 5. God bless you for reminding us!

  5. And, of course, the thing Satan really, really hates is Confession and a firm purpose of amendment.

  6. A small amendment to 10; pray for all those who are at the brink of death, that even at their last hour they may repent and accept Christ and be received into the bosom of the Father.

  7. Oh, yes, Satan -- I used to date her.

    In all seriousness, thank you for this excellent list.

    - Mack in Texas

  8. Richard,

    You didn't include attending the Latin Mass in your list. Any reason?

  9. Richard,
    While I agree with ALL the comments above; I would just like to add another suggestion that is to place Crucifixes on the outside and inside of All the entrances to your homes-for these are dark and Satanic times we are living in-maybe The Chastisement is imminent!

    God Bless,