Friday, 3 May 2013

Young, single and Catholic

In the 1960s, those years when I was unattached and carefree, the pursuit of romance (yes, it was still romance, then) was fraught with the difficulties of ensuring that the girl of your choice, as a future wife, was also a Catholic.

Failure to do so would mean a very hard life with a non Catholic or Protestant spouse, struggling to bring any children up in the Faith.

I know because I did precisely that except that, my wife was a church going Anglican, and we went our separate ways on a Sunday morning. For two years.

Before the Almighty imbued her with His gift of belief. 

Today, young Catholics (the orthodox ones) face a double hurdle.

First, endeavouring to ensure that the chosen one is Catholic.

Second, endeavouring to ensure that the love of your life is a traditional Catholic.

Because, for those who do not appreciate this fact, a good Protestant is, in my view, far preferable to a bad  liberal Catholic. And married life to either type is not easy.

With orthodox unattached Catholics being as rare as a Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Westminster, young Catholics need every possible support to help them proceed to the matrimonial state these days.

In the US there is an online dating agency (why not?) that has just posted 100 Totally Awesome Blogs by Catholic Priests, doubtless in a move to focus attention on their operation  - and good for them.

My only issue is that I have the innate English sense of wishing to underwhelm hence, my concern at the use of the word 'Awesome'.

That should be reserved to describe earthquakes or tsunamis much as the word 'devastating' should only be used to describe a bereavement.

However, as 'Awesome' is now firmly lodged in the American vocabulary, we shall let that one lie, especially as they still use so many words that were in common day usage in Stratford-Upon-Avon when Shakespeare trod the bards.

So, please view their top "100 of Really quite good Blogs by Catholic Priests"


  1. "Shakespeare trod the bards." (sic)
    I love it!

  2. I am sure I don't need to say it to you, but for the record,
    "praise the lord and pass the ammunition":
    Have they got A clear IDEA of what any sacrament is,
    allied to a clear idea(as clear as possible for a single, ok) of what the Holy Roman and Apostolic (ie "Catholic ") Sacrament of marriage IS!
    As you imply, way back when, in a traditional Catholic Culture where the same is assumed, howsoever vaguely, on both sides in both families, in yer Parish
    "At the age of 16 I met Brigit Mcann
    She says "yer not much , but Im needing a man
    I want six kids and a flat out in Speke""..etc
    Was enough for a great many good holy catholic family amongst our quite recent forebears.

    Fine :. Practicalities :Dating agencies, pilgrimages, asking priests to use their discernment, you never know WHO they know and don't know they know!

    Lots of it! Persistently!
    Fasting and abstinence with it? why not? Trips to Walsingham, Lourdes, Fatima, Loreto, chestacova..Rome?
    Around a majority of youngsters sweat school, 3 years uni, all sorts of stuff, and sacrifices... for what? worldly sustenance which the Lord can take care of howsoever? but Mrs(or Mr)Right just gotta fall into our lap when we think we're ready - if God so wills, he'll arrange it that easy, sure , but there's something wrong in that picture of the effort/ priorities ratio.

  3. Thanks for this post.